Whitney Digney, Dressage Judge
Emily Digney, Stadium Jumping Judge


Type Division Horse Owner Rider Dressage Jumping Place
CT Tadpole Diego Kathleen Anderson Kathleen Anderson 38.4 4 1
CT Baby Green Tell Me a Riddle Margaret Nash Margaret Nash 31.5 4 1
CT Baby Green Wyo dun Maid Brenda Hutton Brenda Hutton 37.5 0 2
CT Baby Green Jewel Barbara Barrell Elizabeth Russell 39 0 3
CT Jr Beginner Novice Dun Painting Brianne Lefanowicz Brianne Lefanowicz 30.5 0 1
CT Jr Beginner Novice Stuart Little Paula McConnell Isabella Karr 33.2 0 2
CT Jr Beginner Novice Kokopelli Zoe Anderson Zoe Anderson 39.5 0 3
CT Sr Beginner Novice Fenway Park Alicia Milligan Katie Shiplett 20 0 1
CT Sr Beginner Novice Havana Katie Shiplett Katie Shiplett 29.5 0 2
CT Sr Beginner Novice Cherished Friend Jenny Furlow Jenny Furlow 31.1 0 3
CT Sr Beginner Novice Hudson Bay Molly Duncan Molly Duncan 33.2 0 4
CT Sr Beginner Novice Mynx Mechums View Farm Julia Scheibel 36.4 0 5
CT Sr Beginner Novice Hula Frankie Brittain Kiki Osbourne 39 0 6
CT Sr Beginner Novice Fortunate Rooster Dale Dealtry Elizabeth Uffelman 38.5 4 6
CT Training Leave It To Me Molly Duncan Molly Duncan     1
Dressage Intro A Leap of Faith Lizzie Weschler Lizzie Weschler 66.3   1
Dressage Intro A Leap of Faith Lizzie Weschler Lizzie Weschler 63.1   2
Dressage Intro A Chunky Gwynn Dent Linda Haschart 59.3   3
Dressage Intro B Marrakesh Patty Swygert Iga Kuraraska 59.4   1
Dressage Intro B Chunky Gwynn Dent Linda Haschart 56.2   2
Dressage Intro C Galileo Brenda Hutton Brenda Hutton 62   1
Dressage Training 3 Ultimo Patty Swygert Patty Swygert 58.6   1

DSC 0142

Lizzie Weschler

See Photos, courtesy Bob Haschart


March 31, 2018 at Oak Ridge
Carriange House

Fabulous food, music and fun- photos by Liz King
Benefit Auction- read all about it in "News"!





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