Farmington Hunt sent two teams and seven riders to Harrisburg Pennsylvania to compete in the Penn National Horse Show Hunt division. FHC won the overall Hunt team Championship (for the first time) Monday night,October 17 providing entries in all of the hunt night classes. We were represented by Elizabeth Uffelman and JT  who won the Field Hunters under 35, and Jeanette Fellows and Liam represented us as well,Jenn Daly and Prize won the Field Hunters over 35,Stephanie Guerlain and Brooklyn took second, and Karen Bull was right behind her on Zeus with a 6th. Elizabeth King competed with Melissa Slutsky's Barcinni ,with a lovely ride.Sandy Rives of KHC got second in the Gentleman's Hunter under saddle on Cruiser, and our Tom Bishop represented us in the class of 13 with a good ride on Karen Bull's Zeus, Stephanie Guerlain and her Brooklyn collected a 4th place,  out of 46(!!!!) in the Ladies Hunter Under saddle, the Leading  Lady rider award was split three ways, Jenn Daly and Elizabeth Uffelman won two of the blues.Jeanette Fellows on the Riddle family's Liam and Karen Bull on Zeus also competed under saddle. Finally(at 10:30+ pm) we saw 22 Hunt teams compete jumping over the big course-and the horses and riders were tough to beat. The winning team was from Windy Hollow Hunt, followed by Kimberly, Sewickley,team 2 Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds and then it was Farmington's team #2 that got the 5th place with a beautiful performance by Stephanie, Jenn and Elizabeth Uffelman.The big prize of the night:Hunt Night Championship went to FHC with a healthy lead of 23 points total, coming in ahead of Potomac with 17 points overall. Congratulations, again, to our winning team of riders who did so well Monday night. here are snapshots taken during the excellent live steam coverage that night from my computer screen!!!! for the benefit of those members who might not have seen the live stream or been lucky enough to go to Harrisburg,it was so fun to watch! Full results can be found on the Penn national website>

Professional Photos from the show will be made available, and of course FHC-Facebook page is full of snapshots taken at the show by our very own team shutterbugs, thanks Bailey and Stephanie and Karen for keeping us posted!

Below, from left:Jenn Daly and Prize, Thomas Bishop ex MFH,Elizabeth Uffelman and JT, Stephanie Guerlain and Brooklyn,Karen Bull and Zeus,Jeanette Fellows and Liam, Elizabeth King, MFH and Barcinni

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May 19, 2018, Farmington Kennels
RSVP Carolyn Chapman 434-978-1319,
 11 am Kennels, snacks to follow
Everyone welcome




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