VHSA Associate Show


Brookhill Farm, Charlottesville, Virginia 

I64 to exit 121A Scottsville Rt 20 South for 2.3 mile.  Brookhill Farm is on the left

Information: Stephen Bickers (434-361-9420)

Judge: Mr. Mark Wonderly

Thanks to Brookhill Farm for hosting this show. Thanks to all the volunteers who make the show possible!

Food will be available on the show grounds 


1. Morning Add Back Warm-up 

Schooling Hunter Division Sponsors Reynolds and Evie Cowles
2. Schooling Hunter over fences
3. Schooling Hunter over fences
4. Schooling Hunter under saddle

Green Hunter Division Sponsors Dr. and Mrs. Peter Holloway
5. Green Hunter over fences
6. Green Hunter over fences
7. Green Hunter under saddle

Working Hunter Division Sponsors Gerry and Joe Anderson
8. Working Hunter over fences
9. Working Hunter over fences
10. Working Hunter under saddle

11. VHSA Associate Equitation on the flat  Sponsored by Connie and Rohn Laudenschlager
12. VHSA Associate Children's Equitation Sponsored by Stewart Summers 
13. VHSA Associate Adult Equitation  Sponsored by Neal and Anne Young
14. VHSA Children's Medal  Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wells
15. VHSA Adult Medal  Sponsored by Greg and Mary Harp

Children's/Adult Hunter Sponsor B J Korol
16. Children's/Adult Hunter over fences
17. Children’s/Adult Hunter over fences
18. Children’s/Adult Hunter under saddle

TB Hunter Division Sponsor Belvoir Farm
19. VHSA Thoroughbred Hunter over fences
20. VHSA Thoroughbred Hunter over fences
21. VHSA Thoroughbred Hunter under saddle


22. Leadline (As close to 1 as possible)  Sponsors Jim & Paula McConnell

PreShort Stirrup Division Sponsors David and Beth Sutton
23. Pre Short Stirrup Eq. Walk  
24. Pre Short Stirrup Eq. Walk, Brief Trot 
25. Pre Short Stirrup Eq. over Obstacles 

26. Afternoon Warm-up Both warmups sponsored by Mary Buford Hitz

Short Stirrup Division Sponsors John and Jane Dudinzky
27. Short Stirrup Hunter over fences
28. Short Stirrup Hunter over fences
29. Short Stirrup Hunter under saddle

Pony Pleasure Division Sponsors David and Locke Ogens
30. Pony Pleasure – Walk, Trot
31. Pony Pleasure – Go As You Please
32. Pony Pleasure -  Walk, Trot, Canter

Junior Pleasure Division Sponsor Priscilla Friedberg
33. Junior Horse Pleasure – Walk, Trot
34. Junior Horse Pleasure – Go As You Please
35. Junior Horse Pleasure -  Walk, Trot, Canter

Adult Pleasure Division Sponsor Rebecca Barlow
36. Adult Horse Pleasure - Walk, Trot
37. Adult Horse Pleasure - Go As You Please
38. Adult Horse Pleasure - Walk, Trot, Canter

Low Hunter Division Sponsor Ann Horner
39. Low Hunter over fences
40. Low Hunter over fences
41. Low Hunter under saddle

Pony Hunter Division Sponsor Justine Ix
42. Pony Hunter over fences
43. Pony Hunter over fences
44. Pony Hunter under saddle


  • This show is a VHSA Associate Horse Show
  • Entry fee $15 per class (except for classes 1, add back warm up, and the Medal classes, 14 and 15.  Entry fee $20 for these three classes) No penalty for pre-entries that do not show.  Do not send a check.  Pre-entries must be received by 8 PM, Friday, June 3, 2016
  • $5 Office Fee will be charged for any entries that do not pre-enter.
  • One warm up per horse allowed. Warm up may be suspended at mangement's discretion if time becomes a factor.
  • Schooling fee $25 for any horse which schools but does not show.
  • Open schooling until 8:00 A.M. and before Class 30. There will be a 15 minute Short Stirrup Schooling session before Class 23.
  • Lunch will be available on the grounds.
  • All riders must wear protective headgear at all times when mounted.
  • Neither FHC nor the landowners will be responsible for accident, injury, or loss of property on the show grounds.
  • No dogs allowed on the show grounds.
  • The committee reserves the right to change the schedule and/or combine classes as it deems necessary.
  • Ponies may be ridden by adults in the Schooling Hunter and Low Hunter divisions.


SCHOOLING HUNTER – Open to all horses and ponies.  Fences 2’6” or 3’, rider’s choice.

GREEN HUNTER – Open to horses only, in their first or second year of showing over fences at any height.  Fences 2’6” or 3’, rider’s choice.

WORKING HUNTER – Open to horses only.  Fences 3’-3’3”, or 3’3”-3’6”, rider’s choice.

VHSA EQUITATION ON THE FLAT - Open to Junior and Amateur Adult riders.  Will be split into age groups if entries warrant.

VHSA ASSOCIATE EQUITATION - Fences 2'6".  At judge's discretion may include a flat phase.  Will be combined if entries warrant. Riders do not have to be VHSA members to show in these classes.  Black Cat Farm Trophy awarded to winner of Children's class.  Will not be awarded if class is combined and a Children's rider is not the winner.

VHSA MEDALS - Fences 3'.  Riders must be VHSA members and must show their membership cards.  Adults must have a USEF amateur card and show that as well.  These classes each require 3 entries who must complete the course, and they cannot be combined.

CHILDREN’S/ADULT AMATEUR HUNTER – Open to horses only.  Fences 2’6” or 3’, rider’s choice.  Will be split if at least 4 entries in each section.

VHSA THOROUGHBRED HUNTER - Open to horses registered with, or eligible to be registered with the Jockey Club.  Fences 2'6" or 3', rider's choice.

PRE SHORT STIRRUP EQUITATION: Riders under age 12. To be judged on position and control of the rider. Cross-entry only into Short Stirrup Hunter.

SHORT STIRRUP HUNTER: Same as above except to be judged on the horse or pony. Cross-entry only into Pony Pleasure provided that rider has not shown in Pre Short Stirrup Equitation.  Fences 18”.

HORSE PLEASURE – Open to all.  Will be combined if entries warrant. 

PONY PLEASURE – Open to all ponies ridden by juniors. 

LOW HUNTER – Open to all horses and ponies.  Simple courses.  Fences 2’ or 2’6”, rider’s choice.

PONY HUNTER – Open to all ponies ridden by juniors.  Fences 2’ for Small Ponies, 2’3” for Medium Ponies, and 2’6” for Large Ponies. 



  • Ribbons and points will be given for places 1-6 in each class.
  • Champion and Reserve will be awarded in all divisions.
  • See below for list of Challenge Trophies, and Awards.


BEARWOOD FARM CHALLENGE TROPHY – Green Working Hunter Champion.


PICASSO PERPETUAL TROPHY –VHSA Thoroughbred Hunter Champion

BUCKINGHAM PERPETUAL TROPHY – Grand Champion Hunter Sponsored by John and Jane Dudinsky

WHITE HALL CHALLENGE TROPHY – Leading Hunter Rider  Sponsored by CeCe Williamson

MUFFIN BARNES MEMORIAL PERPETUAL TROPHY - Awarded to the Trainer of the High Score Equitation Rider Sponsored by Bob and Sally Powers

SMOKEY PERPETUAL TROPHY - Short Stirrup Hunter Champion

BLACK CAT FARM CHALLENGE TROPHY – Winner of the VHSA Associate Children's Equitation Class



SWISS DIAMOND CHALLENGE TROPHY – Best Child Rider  Sponsored by Easy Keeper Farm, LLC



Please remember to thank Lynne and Mark Gebhard for the opportunity to move this show to beautiful Brookhill Farm.

The morning warm up will be an add back with $5 of each entry forming a pot to be split evenly between the Grand Hunter Champion and the Leading Hunter Rider.

Lucky Duck table will be back!  Each Champion will have a choice of fun prizes!  Yes you can head home with something more than a ribbon!

Bearwood Farm will present show coolers to the Champions of the Working Hunter and Pony Hunter divisions.


Pre enter and help the horse show run more smoothly.  We will be charging an office fee of $5 for any horse or pony that enters the day of the show.  Save the fee and help us by pre-entering. 

Two easy ways to pre-enter:


Mail entries to Stephen Bickers at 122 Gasp Ln, Faber VA 22938

Or complete entry form and email to stephen.s.bickers@gmail.com.  All pre-entries must be received by 8 PM, Friday, June 2, 2017. 

We will post the entry numbers on the FHC Facebook page the night before the show to help you plan.

No entry will be allowed to pick up their number without showing a current valid Coggins test. If possible send copies of coggins with entry forms. 

Do not send checks with pre-entries.  There is NO penalty for scratching classes. 

Please direct all questions to Stephen Bickers at (434) 361-9420. Day of show cell number is (434) 906-8378

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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