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The Farmington Hunt kennels and clubhouse are located in northwestern Albemarle County near Free Union. Our territory encompasses the rolling hills and fields at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we have followed hounds since 1929, and reaches into historic southern Albemarle along the Hardware and James rivers. Our country’s diverse terrain presents constant opportunity for great sport with a wide variety of riding experiences.


President Message Heading

March 2016

While we opened up new country this past season, a major effort will be made to improve access and fences in our existing country as well as developing the White Hall country that Mr. Butterfield has been working on. This could be an exciting piece of new territory. The Masters have laid out a work flow chart for all these improvements.

Our annual meeting is planned for April 15th and we will elect a new slate of officers then. In an effort to recruit more young members we have asked Matthew to conduct several programs for both 4-H clubs and Pony Club. The first was just last week with the Hoof and Wolf 4-H club. Julie Cook and Martha Drum also assisted and the evening was a great success with the youth hearing about hunting, cracking the whip and blowing the horn along with loving up the two hounds in attendance. Well done! Pony Club is next month. Each 4-Her came away with a cap certificate and several of Wadsworth’s “Riding to Hounds”.

I can’t help but think that our departed friend, Kim Morton, had something to do with that hunt in her home country. She was still whipping from on High and cheering them on. We miss her and we had a great celebration of her life on the 13th.

The game Dinner was outstanding. The duo of Beth Sutton and Kay Barquin chaired the event and passed the high standards set by the previous game dinners. Thanks to all who planned, decorated, cooked, supplied game, served and cleaned up. What a great FHC evening and a good way to end the hunting season it was. The final hunt was well done by Matthew and hounds who led us on truly a fine day.

I want to take this opportunity to say a very big Thank You to all the members, Masters and staff for all the work and support over the past few years. It has been a very sincere pleasure to serve as your president and to see what we have accomplished all working together. The future of FHC is bright. Kick on!



Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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