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The Farmington Hunt kennels and clubhouse are located in northwestern Albemarle County near Free Union. Our territory encompasses the rolling hills and fields at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we have followed hounds since 1929, and reaches into historic southern Albemarle along the Hardware and James rivers. Our country’s diverse terrain presents constant opportunity for great sport with a wide variety of riding experiences.


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July 2015

July is the tough month as horses need to start back to work to get fit by early September; the heat and humidity is oppressive; trail work begins in honest; hound walking increases; and hunting is a little too far away to generate enthusiasm.

Once again the Masters have organized the landowner parties over the next month. These are very important in our relations with the generous landowners who permit us to hunt across their land. The Masters and staff have reported the development of some exciting new territory. Many thanks to the landowners, and to members who have helped make contacts for us.

The membership survey is in progress and the results will have great influence over the future course of club activities from hunting to horse activities and social. Looking ahead this summer: July and early August features the Fun Show on July 16th, continuing Walk and Talks, the Jumper Show on August 8th, and the Foxhunter’s Clinic on August 22, 23 conducted by MFH Joy Crompton and Liz King at Millington.

FHC placed our property at the kennels in a conservation easement last year and we now have Virginia state income tax credits that may be purchased from the club. These can be used to offset Virginia taxes in 2015. We have a growing list of those interested in purchasing these. If you are interested please contact me at your earliest convenience, as this sale will be completed in the fall. Proceeds from these credits will be placed in a long-term capital improvement account to be used for future needs. An investment and management committee will oversee this fund.

Check the calendar for upcoming events and last minute changes!


Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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