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The Farmington Hunt kennels and clubhouse are located in northwestern Albemarle County near Free Union. Our territory encompasses the rolling hills and fields at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we have followed hounds since 1929, and reaches into historic southern Albemarle along the Hardware and James rivers. Our country’s diverse terrain presents constant opportunity for great sport with a wide variety of riding experiences.


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February, 2015

In spite of the weather, FHC has been busy. Hunting was good last week especially at Laurel Ridge- too much food was enjoyed by all, the Board held their strategic planning meeting last Sunday, and the Hunt Ball auction is progressing well.

The Board spent the day Sunday looking at our club from the longer view and there were many great thoughts, comments and action plans developed. We addressed our strengths, our weaknesses, the opportunities provided, and what we perceive as threats. One of the heavy subjects was how to both attract and hold members. The world gets in the way of all of us participating in the club and we hope the membership survey coming this spring will tell us what you the members see as ways to deliver value for your membership and how to enhance that. As most know we do have an aging membership and we need to enhance our attractiveness to younger members. Several strategies were developed along these lines and will be forth coming.

Increasing and protecting our hunt country is a priority. Several fixtures were identified last year as potential for opening and we are grateful for preserving the territory we have.

Ebeth Brann and her committee with the help of the Board will be conducting a new survey and it promises to provide the members an opportunity to let the leadership know how you feel about all aspects of FHC life. This will provide a basis for decision making for the next few years. Our last survey was in 2010 and is accessible in the Members Section of the website.

See you at the Hunt Ball, scheduled March 21st. There are several ways to donate to the auction both online and submitting a donation form by mail. We appreciate businesses and friends who wish to contribute – goods, services, or recreational items. Click here to donate online. (For more information see event details) Check the calendar for upcoming events and last minute changes!



Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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