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The Farmington Hunt kennels and clubhouse are located in northwestern Albemarle County near Free Union. Our territory encompasses the rolling hills and fields at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we have followed hounds since 1929, and reaches into historic southern Albemarle along the Hardware and James rivers. Our country’s diverse terrain presents constant opportunity for great sport with a wide variety of riding experiences.


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May 2015

The annual meeting was a good occasion celebrating our club. Congratulations to Beth Sutton on being awarded the Julian Beckwith Award for long time service to FHC. Beth is a tireless worker on many projects and is the foundation of our communications group. She has crafted and engineered the data collection, the web site, commercial advertising on the web and works to keep us up to date in this ever changing world. She was the leader in the “Thoroughbred” fundraiser several years ago. Our thanks to her for all she does and congratulations on the Beckwith. Also at the meeting BJ Korol presented the Best Turned Out awards to Carol Robertson and Taryn Cowles. Congratulations!

We welcome newly elected Board members Dale Dealtrey, Nancy Howell and Deborah Wray and thank retiring members Kip Holloway and Stephanie Guerlain. Your officers were reelected for another year.

Our horse activities group has reported good participation in the early events: gymkhana, jumper show, combined test and now the walk and talks have started. Check the schedule on the web site and come out.

The promised membership survey was reviewed by the Board as a test run and Ebeth Brann is about ready to launch. This will initially be an on line survey and it is easy to complete in 15-20 minutes. It will also be mailed to those who prefer that. It is very important that everyone participate. This information will be the basis for policy and activity decisions in the next few years. PLEASE let us know what you like, what you dislike, and make suggestions as to how we can improve YOUR hunt club.

The annual puppy Show was fun with perfect weather, a lot of puppies with varying conformations and personalities, a good turn out and great food as usual. Sherry and Forbes again offered their Pimms Cup and a good time was had. Matthew and Tommy put in a lot of hard work to put this on and thanks to them and Carolyn Chapman and Shelly Thompson for organizing everything.

Don’t forget the upcoming Virginia Hound Show. Turn out and support our hounds as Matthew will be showing along with help from Bonnie Hanks and Carolyn Chapman. We will have a tail gait tent for members with Farmington fare.

Check the calendar for upcoming events and last minute changes!


Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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