Hunter Trials at Fox Ridge Farm

Report by Lara Morris

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Spring finally arrived-- at least for one day, sandwiched between two days of rain and snow, for the annual Hunter Trials.  The event, originally planned for Saturday, was moved to a much sunnier Sunday to allow for better riding and tailgating-- and what a success it was.

Brian and Colleen Bassett's beautiful Fox Ridge farm was the picturesque backdrop to this event, which offered classes for all levels-- from a hilltopper division to a 3' division.  Just as out foxhunting, there was a place for all to ride. Perhaps most popular and entertaining were the "pairs" and "teams" classes, in which many can be seen cracking some smiles-- or all out giggling-- as they rode together.  For those who chose to watch, the rolling hills offered perfect tailgating opportunities.  There was nothing but five star reports from anyone there-- riding or watching.

All told there were many riders who came out to compete, results will be provided later.  We were excited to see a contingent from the UVA riding team led by Sarah Irvine there to practice outdoor courses for upcoming competitions-- Sarah praised both the organization and the kindness of the affair, along with the gorgeous setting.  We were thankful to have the wisdom of Ginger and David Ashcom along with Robin Lundgren judging.  MFH Liz King was the organizer and sent out thanks to a long list of volunteers, including Marty and Maccie Dent, Nan Young, Carolyn Chapman, Linda Uihlein, Lynne Taylor, Dale Dealtrey, Sally Powers, Sherry Nedzbala, Joy Crompton, Ann Horner and Karen BullStephanie Guerlain, as always, did a fantastic job taking entries, keeping organized, and promoting the event.

See photos by Cathy Summers

Bob Haschart:

Alyse Howse:

Results will be posted when available.

Hunt Ball 2018

Hunt Ball 2018

Report by Lara Morris, photos by Suzanne Dennis

rmbrownjcrompton orhb
L-R Rita Mae Brown and Joy Crompton

Lovely dinner with lively chatter between good friends broke up the bidding for a while and everyone had a chance to rest up before the excitement really kicked in.  As dinner wound down Mark Catron became auctioneer and a thrilling live auction for several special experiences captured everyone's attention.  With all the guests amused and excited, the band broke out and the dancing began.  Foxhunters of all ages could be seen jiving to the music out on the dance floor.  The only thing that could pull anyone away from the music was putting in final bids on their items and indeed the dance floor almost emptied at the end of bidding as everyone scurried around to win their items. 

jcuthbertktimbiesbakercriegle orhb
L-R/B-F Jebb Cuthbert, Kelsie Timbie, Shawnee Baker, Cynthia Riegle

It was a beautiful night, a fun night and a wonderful time for which we owe much thanks to our hosts at Oak Ridge.  Gratitude to all the hunt members and volunteers who came together to make this night possible, as well as all of those who attended and bid to support the club. Every year the ball serves as a reminder that, while hunting is on hold for a few months, the friendships and merriment we have discovered in the hunt field are year-long.  Next year, we look forward to Farmington hosting the ball and reciprocating the warm hospitality we received from Oak Ridge.

mdentcmiddleton orhb
L-R Maccie Dent and Christopher Middleton

Members in attendence-- Shawnee Baker, Jebb and Chris Cuthbery, Kelsey Timbee, Cynthia Riegle, Taryn Cowles, Emma Bittle, Lara Morris,  Chris Middleton and Kim Gall, Mary Buford Hitz, Matthew and Julie and Pippa Cook, Joy Crompton, Mark and Shelley Thompson, Marty and Maccie Dent, Ken and Carolyn Chapman, Jen Daly, Suzanne and John Dennis,Sherry and Mike Nedzbala and more. Hunt Ball chair Lynn Stevensen commented, "We had people come from several other hunt clubs including Deep Run, Bedford and Glenmore in addition to our own members and Farmington. In all we welcomed about 233 guests this year, a slight increse in numbers over previous years. It was a great success!"

mthompson orhb
L-R Mike and Sherry Nedzbala, Mark Thompson

Farmington Hounds at Bull Run

March 23, 2018-FHC on the road!

bullrun03232018fieldw 0808
FHC and BRH first and second flight riders at Horseshoe farm-  EHSutton photo
macdent cartermcneely pippa julie karenbull w 0847
Mac Dent, Carter McNeely,Pippa and Julie Cook and Karen Bull

Joint Meet with Bull Run at Horseshoe in Rapidan

report by Beth Sutton with Carolyn Chapman and Liz King

Farmington Hunt traveled to Rapidan with 12 1/2 couple and a good gang of members for a joint meet with Bull Run Hunt Club. Hunting over an open and inviting fixture on Locust Dale Road near Rapidan, our huntsman Matthew Cook joined in with host huntsman Charles Montgomery for a full morning of fun hound work and good sport. According to reports from BRH staff Charles Brown, a red fox gave a good chase over the mountain heading towards Route 15, but vanished. Later that morning two coyotes were viewed on the main drive  but heading away from the fixture. A few minutes later, another red fox crossed the same road heading in to the woods. The there were ditches across the open fields at the base of the hills taking the run off from melting snow, full of spring time sounds and peeping frogs. Perfect habitat provided plenty of cover,plus open country for expansive views and nicely maintained wooded trails and farm roads allowed for great access. Coops were everywhere. What a way to end our season! Thank you again, Mike Long and family for allowing us to hunt over your beautiful property.Thank you BRH for partnering the ride: Boo Montgomery piloted the lead BRH vehicle followed by our road whips Grady Collier, Ken Chapman and Chris Cuthbert who kept close tabs on our hounds with radios in the truck; Mike Long, MFH and landowner ,1st flight leader Rosie Campbell kept up with Matthew Cook and Charles Montgomery, followed by Charlotte Delany and Reynolds Cowles. Honorary whipper in Barbara Smith rode along with FHC whip Carolyn and Jamie Altman with John Elliot.  Thank you to all the staff for all our hunt clubs who have worked so hard to make this year a success.

Read more: Reynolds Cowles report

See more photos from S.P. Dennis and MFH Liz King- follow FHC on Facebook!

For complete Sutton gallery photos click here


Millington Spring Horse Trials and Combined Test

March 11, 2018

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The event on Sunday included a great cross country course set up by Millington Stable and volunteers

Farmington Hunt Club hosted one of the first of their 2018 season line up of horse activities at Millington Stables on Sunday March 11. Cloudy skies and chilly temps kept the enthusiastic group of competitors moving briskly through dressage tests in the morning and stadium course and cross country fun in the afternoon. Volunteers from Millington and the hunt club assisted with the various tasks to aid event manager Stephanie Guerlain with  Liz King,( FHC MFH). FHC Vice president Kip Holloway judged stadium, Amy Hurt scored dressage, and Carolyn Chapman monitored the cross country competition over the course set up by Liz King for the day's event. For complete event results, see report from Stephanie Guerlain. (see a few selected Photos by Beth Sutton-more available by request.)

logo brwn

Horse Trials, Combined Test, Jumper Derby & Dressage Show
report by Stephanie Guerlain

Sunday, Mar 11, 2018, Millington Stables


40 horses and riders came out to Millington Stables on Sunday, March 11 to compete in the Schooling Horse Trials/Combined Test/Dressage show. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped to prepare and run the show: Karen Bull, Liz King, Carolyn Brandt, Linda Haschart, Mary Minor Henderson,Nan Young, Linda Uihlein, Carolyn Chapman, Ed Herring, Robin Lundgren, Robin Ellis, Jebb Cuthbert, Kip Holloway, Amy Hurt, Nancy Howell, Baily Dent, Misha Bordwell, Lara Morris, Kenny Chapman, James McKinley, Trina Player, Becky Barlow, Carter McNeely, Beth Sutton, and all the exhibitors and spectators. We weren’t quite 100% organized, but it was literally a 3-ring circus being led by a ringmaster who was two states away, with a snowstorm predicted, so considering all that, it actually went off very well and I heard nothing but good reports from everyone I spoke with. Some riders just chose to ride in show jumping and/or cross country, but for those who did a Combined Test (dressage + stadium) or horse trials (all 3 phases) and those who just did dressage, we have the following results:


Tadpole Horse Trials

  1. Tierna Joyce - Anonymous Donor (Victoria Joyce)

Baby Green Horse Trials

  1. Juliana Mallia – Scirocco (Millington Stables)
  2. Carolyn Brandt - NoAnnualFee
  3. Chanda Boylen - Palace Gate
  4. Dylan Schultheis - Double Trouble
  5. Kristina Krajewki - Sister Berta (Jean Marie Faulconer)

Beginner Novice Horse Trials

  1. Julie Caruccio - Ocean Bluff
  2. Josie Galvin - Stuart Little (Paula Mconnell)
  3. Evalina Caruccio - Stardust

Novice Horse Trials

  1. Wenzhao Zhang - High Roller

Tadpole Combined Test

  1. Hannah Beaver - Slew of Lucky Stars (Jennifer Daly)
  2. Sienna Eades - Amber (Bolingbrook Farm)
  3. Lily Mehl - Helen (Millington Stables)

Baby Green Combined Test

  1. Kate Samuels - Turkey
  2. Isabella Karr - Chinook (Millington Stables)
  3. Lainey Butler - Cricket (Jennifer Daly)

Beginner Novice Combined Test

        1. Helen Snydor - Strider (Mary Minor Henderson)

Training Combined Test

  1. Jessica Bimonte - Harley


  1. Erica Stevens - Shanti (Training Level Test 1)
  2. Darla Topley - Wickham (First Level Test 2)
  3. Paula McConnell - Summer’s Lilac (Beginner Novice Test A)
  4. Erica Stevens - Shanti (First Level Test 1)
  5. Darla Topley - Wickham (Training Level Test 3)



hounds w12140884 10153737964412904 4511062877045579369 o
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 11 am Kennels, snacks to follow
Everyone welcome




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