2017 End of Season

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Liz King, MFH leads the hilltoppers home after the last meet of the season.seen here with Bobbie Wells and Dale Dealtrey

FHC Closes the Season with Final Meet at Millington, March 18th
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R. Haschart photo

Back row:J. Elliott, Anne Riley,Mary Quinn Ferguson,P. Friedberg,Sally Tunner,James and Jennifer Campbell S. Stinchfield,C. Laudenschlager, B.and C. Riddle,D.Wray,E.Herring,
S.Baker,K.Holloway,L.Morris,D.Hawkins,J.Crompton,A.Vere-Nicoll,E.Bittle,K.and C.Middleton,B.Barquin,K.Ellis,C.and J.Cuthbert,M.Cook,E.Brann,C.Chapman,L.King,M.Drum, B.Sutton
Seated:R. Laudenschlager, 
S. Guerlain, K.Bull,B.Tunner,E.W.Baxter,C.McNeely,K.Chapman,W.Henderson,B.J.Korol,kneeling: Helen Snyder, Julia, C.Delany
not pictured: Grenelle Delany,Bob Haschart,Kay Barquin,D.,Dealtrey,B.and S.Wells, B.Barlow

ellis anita drum crompton liz17388894 10155212963822904 7189914817866098380 o
R. Ellis, A. Vere-Nicoll,M. Drum,J. Crompton and Liz King, MFH
thumb DSC 0930 1024
Ellie Wood Baxter, Carter McNeely and Charlie Baxter
thumb DSC 0935 1024
Riders from the Pony Academy: D.Hawkins, L. Morris, E.Bittle with Julia and Helen Snyder
thumb DSC 0939 1024
Sam and Bobbie Wells, Priscilla Friedberg and Billy Bryant raise a toast to celebrate the season's end along with Bob Haschart, enjoying a lavish feast prepared by the Millington Stable breakfast "team"


see more photos, and Liz King Video!

Hunt Ball March 11th 2017

Hunt Ball and Benefit Auction 2017!
event report by Beth Sutton, Photos by Liz King and J. Bodine
to see more of Liz King Photos, click here!

Farmington Hunt Club and Oak Ridge Hunt celebrate Gala Evening at the Boar's Head Inn

cocktailhour20170311 195609
This year was Farmington's turn to host the FHC-ORH joint Hunt Ball. After many years of having the Farmington Hunt Ball at Farmington Country Club, the organizing committee with veteran chair Carolyn Chapman, together with benefit auction committee organizers Ann Horner and Evelyn Cowles decided to try a new venue this time, with fabulous results. A fun group of nearly two hundred members from both clubs and guests enjoyed cocktails in the lobby outside the Pavilion Ballroom while looking over dozens of tempting silent auction items spread out over an expanse of display tables, easels held art work donated by FHC artists and others, fine glass, crystal, art and handwork, home accessories, fine whiskey, assorted stock ties and pins, not to mention a rack of vintage formal riding apparel were among many items of goods and services available for bidding. Many auction items were available for review and online bid before the evening began. Its fair to say, no one went home without something to treasure! A few lucky winners took home generous offerings donated for the live auction that produced some lively bidding and wonderful results to benefit the Farmington hounds. Among the live auction items offered were a trip to Saratoga with the Butterfields, a private hunt for 20 guests with Matthew Cook, staff and the FHC hounds; a beautifully framed hand colored FHC territory map donated by Agnes Clark's family,and a stay in the Montana log home of Reynolds and Evie Cowles. Thanks go out to the many people who came out to support the hunt clubs and all the volunteers who helped put the evening together, and the many generous donors who offered special services and wonderful items to sell.The ballroom came alive with gorgeous table decorations by floral design "Tourterelle"-FHC member and landowner, Lucia Evans-Morse. Liz King as always picked the perfect entertainment, the music by "10 Spot" was wonderful.It was a fabulous, fun evening for everyone.
(note: we did our best to identify as many faces as possible, please let us know who we missed! apologies in advance.)

cocktailhour 2 20170311 195308
Cocktails in the lobby area made for a festive start for the evening. seen here: Lara Morris, Peter Holloway,Paul King, Joy Crompton, Jenn Daly
patb karenb paulk mdent20170311 195648
Pat Butterfield, FHC MFH with Karen Bull, Paul King and Mac Dent
elliot baker daly cuthbert bodine 23
John Elliot, Shawnee Baker, Jenn Daly, Jeb Cuthbert, Jeffrey Bodine
sallytunner stavemill20170311 195455
Sandra Dawson, member of Deep Run & Oak Ridge, with Sally Tunner , FHC member and landowner-Stave Mill
chuuey bull friedberg20170311 200005
The Chhuys with Priscilla Friedberg and Karen Bull
tiffanys dwray20170311 195415
FHC Board members Tiffany Snell and Deborah Wray, Hon. Whipper-In
holloway johnson chapman thompson20170311 204144
Chris and Clare Lewis, Mac Thompson, Ball chair Carolyn Chapman, Peter and Kip Holloway, Kate and Thoma Johnson, Nan and Hal Young, Elsie Thompson and Ken Chapman
middleton cowles thompsonb20170311 204210
Reynolds Cowles,Kim Middleton and guests with Chris Middleton and Shelly and Mark Thompson
crompton hilliard dent bull20170311 2044150
Ann Horner, Auction organizer extraordinaire, had a full table with auctioneer David and Helen Hilliard who donated a beautiful painting along with FHC MFH Joy Crompton, Karen and Chuck Bull,Put Spaulding, Mac and Marty Dent and guests
hb ham20170311 204434
Steve and Carol Ham, David, Beth,Gordon Sutton,Margaret and Rolf Hueppi and Leslie Bowman
Julia Scheibel guests hb 42
Maya Proloux  (Hopes Legacy), Julia Scheibel, Cameron , Forest, Austin Walker
Jane Gatewood hb orh gebhard20170311 2044560
Jane Gatewood, Eric Christenson, Angela Doolan, Peter Doolan, Mark Gebhard, Thomas Pickiney, Leslie Pickiney
Maddie Maciel hb20170311 2047450

Maddie Maciel, Maggie Morris, Toni Durham, Tim, Shannon Critzer, Stephanie Morris, Taylor
hb lindbeck stinchfield20170311 204624
George and Marilee Lindbeck with Stacy Stinchfield, Tiffany Snell and guests
hannah russ pippa matthewdance17309306 10158393445695788 2927641541133983128 n.jpeg
Hannah and Russ Buss, Matthew and Pippa Cook
pippa matthewdancing17342915 10158393445860788 5784672397015735240 n.jpeg
Father and daughter, Pippa and Matthew
paul pauladancing17265220 10158393445935788 8064536831088006313 n.jpeg
Music by " 10 Spot" made for some spectacular stepping out on the floor with Paul King and Paula McConnell
cuthberts dance17308773 10158393445475788 2972319302006378052 n
Jeb Cuthbert, recovering from a recent injury, was not going to miss out on giving it a whirl with husband Chris!

Thanks Liz and Jeff for these pictures, there are lots more! see FHC on Facebook




Potomac-FHC Joint Meet March 4th

Farmington Hunt hosts Potomac at Hidden Fox farm, Saturday March 4, 2017

event report by Beth Sutton, FHC communications committee

potomachunt fhc staff03 04 2017 DSC7706LDR Edit
From left:
FHC Hunt staff members Matthew Cook,Carolyn Chapman with visiting huntsman Larry Kiely and whip Catherine Hanagan, with Deborah Wray FHC honorary whip, with Potomac pack at Hidden Fox
ph fhc riders larryschaudies03 04 2017 DSC7726LDR
First flight riders (from left) Jennifer Nesbit, Charlotte Delany, Emma Bittle, former FHC President R.R.Cowles, Joy Crompton, MFH, Jeanette Fellows, Priscilla Friedberg, Liz Reese, Skip Crawford MFH in front with Beverley Bosselmann, MFH, John Kean, Mark Thompson, FHC President.

We welcomed a great group of over sixteen enthusiastic Potomac Hunt members,riders and guests along with staff and 17 couple of their beautiful bi-colored american hounds who traveled down from Boyds, Maryland three hours north,to hunt one of our favorite fixtures, Hidden Fox, home of Melissa and Philip Johnson, Saturday March 4th, as the end of our 2017 season approached.Weather that day was sunny and bright but breezy, chilly and dry, proving to be challenging for the hard working hounds who nonetheless worked tirelessly tracking the line of at least a few foxes throughout the extent of the territory, covering over ten miles in almost four hours. The large field of riders-forty in all- of first flight led by MFH Joy Crompton, second flight led by FHC vice president Kip Holloway and hilltoppers with Liz King, MFH enjoyed a fabulous ride over rolling fields and multiple coops that took them through the land behind Hidden Fox, over to Catterton Road as far as Buck Mountain Ford and back again. PH Huntsman Brian Kiely carried the horn, assisted by FHC Huntsman Matthew Cook and former huntsman Larry Pitts who drove up from his retirement home in Bedford, VA to join daughter Laura, honorary PHC whipper-in and 13 staff members, as well as our hard working road whips and foot followers. Following the hunt, Shelly Thompson coordinated a host of FHC cooks for a delicious feast of hot soup, sandwiches and sweets that satisfied a hungry crowd of friends and foxhunters who by all accounts had a fun time before they headed back home in mid afternoon. Here in this report are a few highlights from the day, and a complete album of photos have been generously shared by the following PH photographers Pat Michaels and Larry Schaudies, as well as FHC contributors Chris Middleton,Liz KIng and Martha Drum. To see the entire albums( over 100 pictures!) please visit the following links:

Pat Michaels Photos

Larry Schaudies Photos

FHC on Facebook

Farmington at Belle Meade January 2017

Farmington travels to Belle Meade,
January 19-21 Foxhound Performance Trials
fhc lineup cr16178705 10158128148205788 5230982639725525376 o
The FHC riders Jan 20, 2017 l-r: Joy Crompton,Pippa Cook, Cece Williamson,Matthew Cook, Tom Bishop, Anita Vere-Nicoll, Robin Ellis, Stephanie Guerlain, Liz King, Kay Barquin, Andrea Guzinski, photo courtesy of Stephanie Guerlain

Event report, by Beth Sutton, Photos courtesy Stephanie Guerlain and Liz King

Farmington logged in another first to begin the New Year by entering the Hound Performance Trials hosted by Belle Meade in Thomson, GA on January 19, 20 and 21: the first time ever that our hounds had traveled to compete in a performance trial. At a joint hunt with Belle Meade Hounds, along with Bull Run (Culpeper), Bridlespur (St. Louis), Mill Creek (Illinois) and Fox River Valley (Illinois and Georgia). If you’re not familiar with what a performance trial is, just ask Belle Meade MFH and host Epp Wilson.
“It’s like a joint meet on steroids,” he explained with enthusiasm, “It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on!” Before the event I had a chance to correspond with Epp Wilson, the organizer of the event. He recommended reading the chapter at the end of the MFHA book,A Centennial View, Foxhunting in North America Today,(Derrydale Press, 2009) to get an overall picture of the performance trial competition.  He elaborated "We are excited to have Farmington participating! The first time this year! Our Performance Trials are one of my favorite events of the year. They are a wonderful way for hunts to play together. They are like a joint meet on steroids.Lots of fine people all passionate about fox hunting – the greatest sport in the world.The competition is both fun and serious. Everyone is pulling for their own hounds, of course, and cheering on the best of every pack - that is, if they are not too busy holding on for dear life. The performance trial packs are the all-stars of fox hunting. The cream rises to the top. And the cream from all these fine packs – well – they are incredible to behold. If there is an ounce of scent, they will provide good sport. If scent is good they will put on one helluva show. And they change the dynamics of the hunting day.The coyotes are expecting my standard pack. This performance trial pack of champions puts lots more pressure on them – and changes the game – ramping the level of sport up by several notches.As a result, the critters tend to change their patterns and tactics. So, we all have to be on our toes big time. Anything can happen.

Riding in the field during the trials in Fitzpatrick, AL 20 years ago – I was on my good mare, Honor, who was used to me hunting the hounds – and being first. She did not understand being behind, so she was pulling like hell. As we galloped along mile after mile through mud – she got into the zone and did an incredible job. One particular gallop down a greasy slick hill, Honor was getting fatigued – over half the field had given up and pulled up. I remember thinking that the only thing between me and total disaster was a handful of leather and the grace of God. She got her third wind and was one of the few to finish the day. She gained a whole new level of respect from me that day.

Short version. It is almost always the finest sport we have all year."
eppwilson clewis w16105547 10155007365852904 5659284541245201289 n
Epp Wilson and Charlie Lewis, MFH Belle Meade, January 19

 Farmington was well represented by seventeen hunting members who drove with horses the 8 ½ hours south to southwest Georgia to watch six of our finest hunt with the large combined pack led by guest Huntsman S.L. Clifton from Green Spring Valley in Maryland. Joy Crompton reported, “6 hunts participated and were allowed to enter 6 hounds. We took Diglet, Comet, Olive, Robber, Ripper, Briar and Cupcake. And were given nice kennel run with attached stall complete with bench for them to sleep. As Robin, CeCe, Anita and Joy came a day early, we helped walk out hounds with Matthew and Pippa on Thursday. The following members represented Farmington Hunt: Joy Crompton, MFH. Anita Vere-Nicoll, Liz King, MFH, Carolyn and Ken Chapman(honorary whippers in),Stephanie Guerlain, and her guest Andrea Guzinski, CeCe Williamson, FHC President Mark Thompson and Shelly, Robin Ellis,Kay Barquin, Evie Cowles, Kim and Chris Middleton, Matthew and Pippa Cook, and ex-MFH and honorary whipper-in Tom Bishop.
fhc group16252013 10158128147515788 6343323697546063341 o
from left: KenChapman,JoyCrompton(hidden),CeCe Williamson,Robin Ellis,KayBarquin,AnitaVere-Nicoll,Chris Middleton, KIm Gall,MatthewCook,LizKing,Shelly and Mark Thompson,EvieCowles,StephanieGuerlain,CarolynChapman,TomBishop

Here are a few comments from the FHC gang:
Thank You Stephanie Guerlain for all the photos and videos that call all be seen on our FHC Facebook page. She reports:

“It was a blast! Belle Meade was incredibly accommodating of all of us, and it was nice to have everything in one place, clubhouse, stabling, hounds, and the hunts! Great southern food was prepared each day and plentiful drink was available, starting with the Stirrup Cups at 7:30am each morning. The 3rd flight field master was excellent (can't comment on the others), always putting us in a good spot to see the action. It took a few hours to get a good chase going on the first day, but we hit on an incredible run (45 minutes?) almost immediately on the 2nd day, which was a good thing as we were able to then come in before the DOWNPOUR started (at least many of us got in in time, others were not so lucky). We hunted in two directions right from the Kennels. The first day was through Pine forests, relatively flat but many "down/up" water crossings which were preferable to the rickety-looking swaying wooden bridge that we crossed several times! The second day was across the street and had territory more similar to ours with lots of fields and wider paths through mature woods. We passed a waterfall/dam that was built in the late 1700s. Bull Run won the championship the first day, not sure about 2nd day, but I'm sure you can find out the results. I believe Comet was 3rd in one of the categories( Trailing division, 2nd day). Each hunt was allowed to have one judge, ours was Carolyn Chapman. There was an independent huntsman, Sam Clifton, from Green Springs I believe. Most other huntsmen tried to stay incognito so as to not distract their hounds. The hounds ran very well as a group and were very responsive to the huntsman. It was fun to hear all the English chaps chatting with each other in the barnyard. Almost felt like I was in England! Friendly, food, fun, and FAST sums it up. Their 3rd flight was as fast as our first flight (just no jumping).”

Anita Vere-Nicoll: “Great fun was had by all beasts and humans. "Ware hole," was a common theme however not even the rain and thunder could dampen the spirit. Should the occasion come around again I highly recommend the excursion!! Thank you masters and Mathew for allowing us all the opportunity!
Belle Meade certainly knows how to put on a performance trial.”
ga meet w16251863 10155015257252904 4216073337039142643 o
Jean Derrick's Cottage next to Belle Meade Stables, Stirrup Cup, Friday January 21

Mark Thompson, Kim and Chris Middleton agreed that the Georgia hunting was “fast, and vast!” and Matthew Cook was happy with the fact that no one got lost, hurt or had any problems or issues. “ Our hounds did well, considering the speed of the other hounds they were up against.” Matthew was pleased with the overall performance and stamina not only of our hounds, but also the FHC riders who kept up in the large fields (huge number of riders-both days), and happy we had such a large entourage that attended. ”We definitely had the biggest entourage of any hunt there,” he said –“It was really great!”

cook ga guerlainphoto w16174893 10155011140667904 5409311219404167286 n
Matthew and Pippa Cook (l), CeCe Williamson, Tom Bishop (r) Friday Jan 21

In the final results, FHC Comet placed third in the “Trailing” division the second day, coming in behind good company with Bull Run’s hound winning the overall Championship.
The whole experience was a resounding success on all fronts, according to everyone who went. It was just a very long way to go-but definitely worth the effort. Look for more comments and accounts on Facebook with details and results to come soon in “Fox Tracks”. Look for the next issue of Foxhunting Life: Report from Norm Fine on the Performance Trials, plus a special interview with our huntsman Matthew Cook by Elizabeth h."Beth" Sutton

chapman shirt16143335 10155011144397904 142508991090335033 n
Ken Chapman, "what a great organization Belle Meade has, great people,great to be there!"

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