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2015 Farmington Spring Hunter Pace

Farmington Spring Hunter Pace

Mint Meadows, Sunday, June 7, 2015
Report by Nancy Howell, photos by B.Sutton and Rick Stillings Photography

After a week of much needed rain and some nervous tension about the conditions, we pulled off a fantastic day.  The weather could not have been better with partly sunny weather, cool breezes and spring like temperatures for our 2015 Summer Hunter Pace at Mint Meadows.  We had 94 riders which I thrilled about since it was a Sunday and all that rain may have deterred some folks.

They say “it takes a village” but for this event it takes a metropolis of volunteers.  When the call is put out it is amazing the feedback that is received.

Thank you everyone who came out to participate and enjoy the day with us. I cannot go any further without thanking our hosts JB and Mary Scott Birdsall for the privilege of using their beautiful Mint Meadows fixture again this year.  I want to thank Anita Vere-Nicoll for allowing us to ride through her lovely farm and also Sally Garland who is always so supportive for our Hunter Paces.  She not only allowed us access to her property but also, with the help of Katie Sears, designed a lovely Country styled flower arrangement for the buffet table.  Thank you all for your continued support of FHC and our members.
elizlongwell150607 7898c
Delicious Buffet lunch was enjoyed by guests, spectators,and 94 riders under the FHC tent

I want to mention the daunting task of putting up that darn tent and then packing it back up by Matthew, Julie and Tommy. We could not have the Hunter Pace without that tent. I never take that for granted, so thank you again.

There would be no trail to follow without Liz King and her incredible sense of direction and valuable expertise in finding the good crossings and best footing for a safe and fun ride. I basically tag along with the markers, so don’t kid yourself into thinking I am much help at all! Thank you again Liz for another fun week of preparation and a great ride!
lizking150607 7884
MFH Liz King

 Jim Finn and Linda Haschart did a great job timing all the riders. Linda’s genuine and contagious excitement was felt by all who rode past her. Jim is getting to be quite a pro at this job and never seems to be overwhelmed. Thank you again Jim and Linda for keeping things going so smoothly.

My secretaries were Paula Falk, (who makes an appearance every year just for me!) , my backbone of support Bobbie Wells, (my HP guru) and I want to thank Beth Sutton for doing a multitude of errands for me that morning along with those secretarial duties. They were quite the team. We had riders going out nice and early in a steady stream until 12:00.

I want to thank the following for all the food and drinks that were made available for the riders this year.

Drinks: My drink gals Karen Bull, Mary Minor, who supplied the Gatorade and other libations, and my water stop girls Virginia Michel and Joan Justice (and Mica!). Karen has been my drink gal for 4 years now. Thank you Karen for always coming through and so glad you had extra support from Mary Minor, Joan and Virginia this year.

Food: Oh the food! There was lots of food this year! You never want to run out of food!  I want to thank Lynne Taylor, Carolyn Brandt, Jennifer Sulzberger, Dale Dealtrey, Martha Drum, Liz Wilson, Kelly Von Scot, Connie Laudenschlager, Bill Kittrell, Allyson Louthan, Karen Bull, Carol Ham, Stephanie Buss, BJ Korol, Jebb Cuthbert and I know there were others who placed food on the table who slipped by me and I apologize if your name is not on this list. Please come tell me!

In the end, a huge thanks to BJ Korol who came back after riding the Pace to help me clean up. I didn’t expect it, but she saw me start to clean up and just pitched right in. She saved me time and mileage by taking all the supplies and garbage to the clubhouse and graciously took the linens back to wash and return also. BJ you are a saint, and I thank you for your patronage to the FHC and to the members who try to follow in your footsteps.

Here are the results for the Summer Hunter Pace of 2015:

Hunter Division:
cowles thompson rs 2015w
FHC President R. Cowles, VP Mark Thompson and Shelley Thompson

1st Place: Mark Thompson, Shelley Thompson and Reynolds Cowles

2nd Place: BJ Korol, April Fletcher
korol fletcher150607 7863
BJ Korol and April Fletcher

3rd Place: Jenner Brunk, Mary Gray McKinsey

Pleasure Division:

1st Place: Cheryl and Budd Riddle

2nd Place:  Brook Wilson, Joan Poskaz

3rd Place: Jenny Mellott, Tori Mellott

Junior Division:
hawkins moris150607 7841c
Team Diane Hawkins with Lara Morris and Juniors from the Pony Academy

1st Place: Libby Terrell, Helen Snyder, and Diane Hawkins

2nd Place: Brynn Straley, Liz Wilson, and Kelly Von Scoter

3rd Place: Katie Sears, Emily Sears and Jenn Daly
daly150607 7837c
Team Daly with Katie and Emily Sears

Congratulations and the First place teams will receive a certificate for a free Walk and Talk or Hunt Cap for 2015-2016 season and their ribbons in the mail.

Thank you!

Nancy L. Howell

Virginia Hound Show

Matthew Cook

Leesburg, Virginia
May 24, 2015 Farmington represented at the Annual Hound Show
Report by Julie Cook, Photos by Chris Middleton, DVM

Today was a glorious day up at Morven Park, our Farmington hounds did us proud!

Diglet and Dipper- 2nd Unentered Couple of PMD's

OJ- 5th Unentered American bitch

Olive and Orphan- 2nd Unentered couple American

OJ and orchid- 3rd Unentered couple American

Briar- 2nd entered cross breed bitch

Swallow- reserve (6th) entered cross breed

Peckish- 5th American brood bitch.

Matthew was assisted by Carolyn, Bonnie and Julie in the rings, and help from Kenny, Charlie, BJ and Kim behind the scenes.
Our wonderful veterinarian Dr Middleton was also on hand casting his eye over OJ who had a scrape on her toe, but it didn't stop her showing well.

It was so lovely having support of our members and cannot wait to see photos that were being snapped away.

Jim Meads photographer, even took pictures of us with Dipper and Diglet, so you never know, we could be in horse country magazine too!


20150524 Middleton 5912
Matt with BJ Korol

20150524 Middleton 5934
Carolyn Chapman

20150524 Middleton 5993
Sherry Buttrick and Bonnie Hanks
20150524 Middleton 6023

Julie Cook

20150524 Middleton 6030
Julie and Briar
matthew cchapman
Matt and Carolyn
julie cook2015

Julie Cook and Briar

Farmington Spring Hunter Show

logo brwn


stillings photo hiddenfox


above: Isabella Karr, Stuart Little

Spring Hunter Show, see photos by Rick Stillings by Rick Stillings, results below


The 2015 edition of the Spring Horse show is in the books now, and what a great day we had.  Very hot, but with a very nice breeze for the most part which made it totally bearable.  Entries were very stable compared to last year, and everything filled with the exception of the pony division.  That is great considering all the horse shows that were going on this weekend.  After all is said and done, the show should be contributing a good deal to the Farmington coffers.

Let me start by thanking the heroes that helped make the show a great success.

First off, Keedie Leonard who very unexpectedly donated her day's wages as the judge back to the hunt club.  It was a long day, and that was not at all the deal going into it, but she said she has many fond memories of hunting with Farmington and wanted to donate her money back to the hounds.  What a wonderful thing to do!!!

Thanks as always to Scott Nunnally for the use of the big tent.  It also went a long way toward making the day bearable out in the sun.

Thanks to my very hardworking volunteers - BJ Korol and Kim Morton were our morning secretaries, Joy Crompton and Anne Zavertnik were able bodied helpers and jump crew, and Taryn Cowles absolutely hit it out of the park as morning announcer.  What a great job she did with little experience.  Our afternoon secretaries were Robin Lundgren and Bonnie Hanks, Ellie Summers and Sally Powers took over as jump crew and ribbon presenters, and Michelle Fultano stepped up to take over at the last minute on the microphone.  Thanks so much to her for being willing to step in and take over at the last minute.

Thanks as always to Melissa and Philip for allowing us to use Hidden Fox Farm one last time for our Spring Horse Show.  We will be moving to new digs next Spring, and I already have one very hopeful lead on a new facility, but I won't announce that until plans have been finalized.  We have had many fine shows at Hidden Fox over the years and I know we all really have appreciated the Johnson's hospitality. 

Thanks to all the sponsors who stepped up in February to help underwrite the expense of putting on the show!!  We really could not do it without you.

Thank you Greg and Mary Harp for yet again providing food for the hungry masses at the horse show.  That is a lot to ask of anyone and I really do appreciate it.

Thanks to Carolyn and Ken Chapman for sharing their abundant cedar with us.  It really dresses up the ring to have nice fresh greenery.

And last but not least thanks to my loyal sidekick Drew Perkins for putting up with yet another horse show.  It would be enough to drive someone crazy the last couple of weeks leading up to the show, and there is no way I could do it without him.

-Stephen Bickers, show manager


logo brwn

May 30, 2015 VHSA Associate Hunter Show

Hidden Fox Farm, Free Union, VA

Mrs. Keedie Leonard, Judge

Schooling Hunter Champion:   Oakfields Copper Sparrow,  Susan McConnell (Chanda Boylen)

                  Res:   Oakfields Peridot,  Susan McConnell  (Jennifer Daly)

Green Hunter Champion:   Aiden,  Tea Time Farm  (Jacque Franco)

                  Res:   Harbor Magic,  Tea Time Farm  (Amy Burke)

Working Hunter Champion:   Above and Beyond,  Lynne Gebhard

                  Res:   Music and Lyrics,  Stacey Donnelly

Children's/ Adult Hunter Champion:   Above and Beyond,  Lynne Gebhard  (Helen Ballew)

                  Res:   Full Effect,  Regi Higley  (Kaitlin Mallia)

VHSA Thoroughbred Hunter Champion:   Well Spent,  Krista Hodgkin

                  Res:   Frankly My Dear,  Katie Gardner

Pre Short Stirrup Equitation Champion:   Hannah Buss

                  Res:   Cristiana Crisler

Short Stirrup Hunter Champion:   Finnigan,  Anna Sojka

                  Res:   Heza Nimble,  Jennifer Daly  (Lainey Butler)

Pony Pleasure Champion:   Freedoms Stormy Night,  Claiborne Davis  (Elizabeth Davis)

                  Res:   Magic Trix,  Barbara Barrell  (Emily Taylor)

Junior Horse Pleasure Champion:   Satorious,  Midway Farm  (Brianne Lefanowicz) 

                  Res:   Komposed Kaos,  Mary Gray McKinsey  (Eleanor Karr)

Adult Horse Pleasure Champion:   Slew of Lucky Stars,  Jennifer Daly  (Daniela Lee)

                  Res:   Rather Be Hunting,  Mary Gray McKinsey

Low Hunter Champion:   Summer Lilac,  Paula McConnell  (Stephanie Guerlain)

                  Res:   Stuart Little,  Paula McConnell  (Isabella Karr)

Grand Champion Pleasure:   Freedoms Stormy Night,  Claiborne Davis

Grand Hunter Champion:   Above and Beyond,  Lynne Gebhard

Leading Hunter Rider:   Jennifer Daly

Best Child Rider:   Helen Ballew


Schooling Hunters:   1.  Oakfields Peridot;   2.  Stuart Little;   3.  Oakfields Jamesson,  Susan McConnell  (Jennifer Daly);   4.  Oakfields Copper Sparrow.

Schooling Hunters:   1.  Oakfields Copper Sparrow;   2.  Komposed Kaos,  Mary Gray McKinsey  (Carter Williams);   3.  Piper,  Toni Durham  (Lynne Gebhard);   4.  Hula,  Frankie Brittain  (Kiki Osbourne).

Schooling Hunters under saddle:   1.  Oakfields Copper Sparrow;   2.  Oakfields Peridot;   3.  Piper;   4.  Stuart Little.

Green Hunters:   1.  Aiden;   2.  Harwich Lalique,  Jebb Cuthbert  (Kaitlyn Schmitt);  3.  Harbor Magic;   4.  Havanna,  Katie Shipplett.

Green Hunters:   1.  Aiden;   2.  Harwich Lalique;   3.  Havanna;   4.  Roses Are Red. 

Green Hunters under saddle:   1.  Harbor Magic;   2.  Havanna;   3.  Aiden;   4.  Virginia Grace,  Jennifer Nesbit

Working Hunters:   1.  Above and Beyond;   2.  Music and Lyrics;   3.  Roses Are Red;   4.  Fool Proof,  Stacey Donnelly  (Neil Donnelly).

Working Hunters:   1.  Above and Beyond;   2.  Music and Lyrics;   3.  Roses are Red;   4.  Fool Proof.

Working Hunters under saddle:   1.  Above and Beyond;   2.  Music and Lyrics;   3.  Fool Proof;   4.  Roses are Red.

Equitation on the flat:   1.   Helen Ballew;   2.  Isabella Karr;   3.  Kaitlyn Mallia;   4.  Carter Williams.

VHSA Associate Children's Equitation (Black Cat Farm Trophy):  1.   Helen Ballew;   2.  Carter Williams;   3.  Kaitlyn Mallia;   4.  Sarah Moran.

VHSA Associate Adult Equitation:   1.  Stephanie Guerlain;   2.  Toni Durham;   3.  Abby MacBride.

VHSA Adult Medal:   1. Stephanie Guerlain;   2.  Rachel Dalkin;   3.  Andrea Oliver.

Children's/Adult Hunters:   1.  Full Effect;   2.  Above and Beyond;   3.  Camden,  Stephanie Guerlain;   4.  Moonlight Bay,  Rachel Dalkin.

Children's/Adult Hunters:   1.  Above and Beyond;   2.  Camden;   3.  Moonlight Bay;   4.  Komposed Kaos.

Children's/Adult Hunters under saddle:   1.  Above and Beyond;   2.  Full Effect;   3.  Moonlight Bay;   4.  Camden.

VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters:   1.   Well Spent;   2.  Frankly My Dear;   3.  Camden.

VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters:   1.   Frankly My Dear;   2.  Well Spent;   3.  Camden.

VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters under saddle:  1.  Camden;   2.  Well Spent;   3.  Frankly My Dear.

Leadline:  1.  Hannah Harp;   1.  Ruthie Wallenborn.

Pre Short Stirrup Equitation, Walk:   1. Hannah Buss;   2.  Cristiana Crisler.

Pre Short Stirrup Equitation, Walk, Trot:   1.  Hannah Buss;   2.  Cristiana Crisler.

Pre Short Stirrup Equitation over obstacles:   1.  Cristiana Crisler;   2.  Hannah Buss.

Short Stirrup Hunters:   1.  Heza Nimble;   2.  Finnigan.

Short Stirrup Hunters:   1.  Finnigan;   2.  Heza Nimble.

Short Stirrup Hunters under saddle:   1.  Finnigan;   2.  Heza Nimble.

Pony Pleasure - Walk, Trot:   1.  Freedoms Stormy Night;   2.  Tango,  Paula McConnell  (Isabella Karr);   3.  Finnigan;   4.  Chester,  Charles Durbin  (Catie Howard).

Pony Pleasure - Go As You Please:   1. Magic Trix;   2.  Freedoms Stormy Night;   3.  Tango;   4.  Finnigan.

Pony Pleasure:   1.  Magic Trix;   2.  Freedoms Stormy Night;   3.  Chelsea,  Barbara Barrell  (Erin Donnelly);   4.  Finnigan.

Junior Horse Pleasure - Walk, Trot:   1.  Satorious;   2.  Heza Nimble,  (Danna Donkan);   3.  Komposed Kaos;   4.  Payday,  Sydney Waldbilly.

Junior Horse Pleasure - Go As You Please:   1.  Komposed Kaos;   2.  Satorious;   3.  Heza Nimble;   4.  Payday.

Junior Horse Pleasure:   1.  Satorious;   2.  Komposed Kaos;   3.  Heza Nimble.

Adult Horse Pleasure - Walk, Trot:   1.  Slew of Lucky Stars;   2.  Guiness,  Lynne Allen;   3.  Rather Be Hunting;   4.  The Desperados Epic,  Julia Scheibel.

Adult Horse Pleasure - Go As You Please:   1.  Oakfields Ennis,  Susan McConnell;   2.  Slew of Lucky Stars;   3.  Rather Be Hunting;   4.  The Desperados Epic.

Adult Horse Pleasure:   1.  Slew of Lucky Stars;   2.  The Desperados Epic;   3.  Rather Be Hunting.

Low Hunters:   1.  Stuart Little;   2.  Magic Trix;   3.  Summer Lilac;   4.  Freedoms Stormy Night.

Low Hunters:   1.  Summer Lilac;   2.  Chelsea;   3.  Freedoms Stormy Night;   4.  Magic Trix.

Low Hunters under saddle:   1.  Stuart Little;   2.  Summer Lilac;   3.  Satorious;   4.  Avalon,  Bethany Wood  (Casey Brown).

2015 Farmington Hunter Trials

logo brwn

Farmington Hunt Club

Hunter Trials RESULTS

Fox Ridge Farm

Saturday, April 11th, 2015


2'6"/3' Judges: Mr. W. Patrick Butterfield, MFH & Mr. Thomas B. Bishop, ex-MFH

2'/Hilltopper/Leadline Judge: Ms. Robin Lundgren

2' Warmup

  1. Stormy (Alison Swartout)
  2. Priceless (Percy Mascott)
  3. Lickity Split (Caleigh Smith)
  4. Miss Maddie (Mary Buford Hitz)
  5. Hula (Kiki Osbourne for Frankie Brittain)
  6. Tristan (Anne Zavertnik Young)

2' Field Hunter

  1. Priceless (Percy Mascott)
  2. Lickity Split (Caleigh Smith)
  3. Stormy (Alison Swartout)
  4. Fortunate Rooster (Elisabeth Uffelman for Dale Dealtrey)
  5. Miss Maddie (Mary Buford Hitz)
  6. Tristan (Anne Zavertnik Young)

2' Handy Hunter

  1. Lickity Split (Caleigh Smith)
  2. Miss Maddie (Mary Buford Hitz)
  3. Fortunate Rooster (Elisabeth Uffelman for Dale Dealtrey)
  4. Tristan (Anne Zavertnik Young)

2' Hack

  1. Fortunate Rooster (Elisabeth Uffelman for Dale Dealtrey)
  2. Stormy (Alison Swartout)
  3. Priceless (Percy Mascott)
  4. Miss Maddie (Mary Buford Hitz)
  5. Matt-Adore (Robin Huntington)
  6. Stardust Melody (Casey Reber for Otteridge Farm)

2' Pairs

  1. Stormy (Alison Swartout)

Priceless (Percy Mascott)

  1. Miss Maddie (Mary Buford Hitz)

Matt-Adore (Robin Huntington)

  1. Lickity Split (Caleigh Smith)

Sargent (Rachel McMahan)

  1. Strider (Taylor Fellows for Mary Minor Henderson)

Southern Cove (Kristen Wavell)

2' Hunt Teams

  1. Stormy (Alison Swartout)

Priceless (Percy Mascott)

Lickity Split (Caleigh Smith)


  1. 1.Lilly (Lake Bassett)



  1. 1.Cinnamon(Charlotte Bassett)
  2. 2.Southern Sweet Tea (Emily Sears for Shannon Haffner)
  3. 3.Royal Galavant (Shannon Haffner for Chris Morton)


2'6/3' Warmup

  1. Field Bee (Deborah Wray)
  2. Dominus (Muiris Hichion for Joe Melnik)
  3. Box Office Smash (Charlotte Delaney)
  4. Stuart Little (Isabella Karr for Paula McConnell)
  5. Toons(Stephanie Guerlain for Fred Hitz)
  6. Fincastle (Kip Holloway)

2'6 Field Hunter

  1. Stuart Little (Isabella Karr for Paula McConnell)
  2. Field Bee (Deborah Wray)
  3. Firebee (Tiffany Snell)
  4. Dominus (Muiris Hichion for Joe Melnik)
  5. Fincastle (Kip Holloway)
  6. Fortunate Rooster (Elisabeth Uffelman for Dale Dealtrey)


2'6" Handy Hunter

  1. Dominus (Muiris Hichion for Joe Melnik)
  2. Field Bee (Deborah Wray)
  3. Fincastle (Kip Holloway)
  4. Firebee (Tiffany Snell)
  5. Steve O'Mark (Taryn Cowles for Yadkin Farm)
  6. Fortunate Rooster (Elisabeth Uffelman for Dale Dealtrey)


3' Field Hunter

  1. Box Office Smash (Charlotte Delaney)
  2. Toons(Stephanie Guerlain for Fred Hitz)
  3. Frankly My Dear (Katie Gardner)
  4. Stirling Castle (Beth Marcinko)
  5. Burghley (Carolyn Chapman)


3' Handy Hunter

  1. Toons(Stephanie Guerlain for Fred Hitz)
  2. Box Office Smash (Charlotte Delaney)
  3. Frankly My Dear (Katie Gardner)
  4. Stirling Castle (Beth Marcinko)
  5. Burghley (Carolyn Chapman)


2'6"/3' Hack

  1. Fortunate Rooster (Elisabeth Uffelman for Dale Dealtrey)
  2. Firebee (Tiffany Snell)
  3. Dominus (Muiris Hichion for Joe Melnik)
  4. Field Bee (Deborah Wray)
  5. Box Office Smash (Charlotte Delaney)
  6. Steve O'Mark (Taryn Cowles for Yadkin Farm)

2'6"/3' Pairs

  1. Toons(Stephanie Guerlain for Fred Hitz)

Fortunate Rooster (Elisabeth Uffelman for Dale Dealtrey)

  1. Box Office Smash (Charlotte Delaney)

Stuart Little (Isabella Karr for Paula McConnell)

  1. Burghley (Carolyn Chapman)

Field Bee (Deborah Wray)


3' Hunt Teams

  1. Burghley (Carolyn Chapman)

Field Bee (Deborah Wray)

Firebee (Tiffany Snell)


Event Report from Liz King

Just want to send out a BIG  THANK YOU to our New Landowners Brian and Colleen Bassett!! If it wasn't for your generosity we wouldn't have been able to have the trials at the new venue (revisited venue)! ! ! ! !   

To all my helpers, from set up to take down (tonight) THANK YOU! ! ! ! ! !  Its the Villiage that gets it done.
Set Up:
Paul King, Mark Thompson, Max Olivas, Alex Austin, Will Henderson, Victor Garcia, Joy Crompton, Linda Haschart, Chris Lower, Derek Trimmingham
Announcer's Debbie Wright, Jebb Cuthbert
Secretaries: Bobbie Wells, Alison Lothan, Dale Dealtrey, Kay Butterfield
Grunt Worker Gate Person, (Donut Getter) Nancy Howell
Gate Person: Jennifer Cofield, with her helper Ribbon Girl Watson Cofield
All around helpers Eve, and Eva Pfefferkorn  special thanks to these 2 girls that just went when I said or asked anything! ! !
Parking  Linda Uihlein.
Our 3 amazing Judges: Pat Butterfield, Tom Bishop, and Robin Lundgren
Take Down Helpers tonight:
Paul King, Max Olivas, Bok Summers, Jim Finn, Victor Garcia, Chris Lower, Derek Trimmingham.
Attached are the results
And below is the Haschart Photo Album! ! ! ! !   Thank you Bob, Muffin, etc.







2015 Maury River Hunter Trials

2015mrht cc dwray kimm11096721 10153268169467904 1029389331820455356 nfrom left: Kim Morton,Carolyn Chapman, Deborah Wray, FHC honorary whips


Maury River Hunter Trials, April 4, 2015 Lexington, Virginia
Farmington Hunt members and friends compete at Maury River, Virginia Horse Center

from Stephanie Guerlain, via facebook 4/5/2015

Please click here to see photos from the Maury River Hunter Trials yesterday, we had fun!!
Congratulations to Kim Morton, First Flight Champion, riding Rosie, and Deborah Wray, who was 1st flight reserve champion riding Satchmo. Deborah was also 2nd flight champion riding her other horse, Field Bee. 
The Farmington whips, Kim Morton, Deborah Wray and Carolyn Champman won the hunt team class.
Joy Crompton won the Best Appointments class
I don't really know all the other results!!
It was a fun day as usual with lots of support from Farmington including Liz King, Charlotte Delany, Stephanie Guerlain, Linda Haschart, Put Spaulding, Kay Barquin, Mary Buford Hitz, Ken Chapman, and Muffin Barnes in attendance
With thanks as always to the organizers, Liz Hall, Penny and Brian Ross and Donald Clark

2015 Hunt Ball

This year's Hunt Ball was held at the Farmington Country Club on March 21, 2015, the biggest and best in recent history! Chair person Carolyn Chapman was delighted to welcome 234 guests, a significant increase in number from 2013 when we last hosted the annual joint event with Oak Ridge Hunt Club. "We had more juniors and students this year, thanks to Lynn Gephard and Liz King who each filled multiple tables with their young friends," she said. Music by the popular band "Horizon" kept people dancing until almost midnight, and a successfull live and silent auction sent guests home with arms full and pockets a little empty, all to the grateful benefit of the FHC. Evie Cowles, Ann Horner and Anita Vere-Nicoll worked hard to gather and display over 140 items for the silent auction and Lucia Evans-Morse and Carter McNeely did a masterful decorating job on the ballroom that was filled to capacity. Check out Facebook, Farmington Hunt Club for full photo coverage of the evening by Liz King and Bob Haschart. To See Hunt Ball photos click here:
chapmans1835 n
Carolyn and Ken Chapman
hascharts18317 10153236120942904 2577859745513299701 n
Stephanie Guerlain and Bob Haschart with Thoma and Kate Johnson and Stacy and Lee Strickland
dealtrey rh n

Dale Dealtrey and Howard Miller

RESULTS - Farmington Combined Test, Mar 22 Millington Stables

Whitney Digney, Dressage Judge
Emily Digney, Stadium Jumping Judge


Type Division Horse Owner Rider Dressage Jumping Place
CT Tadpole Diego Kathleen Anderson Kathleen Anderson 38.4 4 1
CT Baby Green Tell Me a Riddle Margaret Nash Margaret Nash 31.5 4 1
CT Baby Green Wyo dun Maid Brenda Hutton Brenda Hutton 37.5 0 2
CT Baby Green Jewel Barbara Barrell Elizabeth Russell 39 0 3
CT Jr Beginner Novice Dun Painting Brianne Lefanowicz Brianne Lefanowicz 30.5 0 1
CT Jr Beginner Novice Stuart Little Paula McConnell Isabella Karr 33.2 0 2
CT Jr Beginner Novice Kokopelli Zoe Anderson Zoe Anderson 39.5 0 3
CT Sr Beginner Novice Fenway Park Alicia Milligan Katie Shiplett 20 0 1
CT Sr Beginner Novice Havana Katie Shiplett Katie Shiplett 29.5 0 2
CT Sr Beginner Novice Cherished Friend Jenny Furlow Jenny Furlow 31.1 0 3
CT Sr Beginner Novice Hudson Bay Molly Duncan Molly Duncan 33.2 0 4
CT Sr Beginner Novice Mynx Mechums View Farm Julia Scheibel 36.4 0 5
CT Sr Beginner Novice Hula Frankie Brittain Kiki Osbourne 39 0 6
CT Sr Beginner Novice Fortunate Rooster Dale Dealtry Elizabeth Uffelman 38.5 4 6
CT Training Leave It To Me Molly Duncan Molly Duncan     1
Dressage Intro A Leap of Faith Lizzie Weschler Lizzie Weschler 66.3   1
Dressage Intro A Leap of Faith Lizzie Weschler Lizzie Weschler 63.1   2
Dressage Intro A Chunky Gwynn Dent Linda Haschart 59.3   3
Dressage Intro B Marrakesh Patty Swygert Iga Kuraraska 59.4   1
Dressage Intro B Chunky Gwynn Dent Linda Haschart 56.2   2
Dressage Intro C Galileo Brenda Hutton Brenda Hutton 62   1
Dressage Training 3 Ultimo Patty Swygert Patty Swygert 58.6   1

DSC 0142

Lizzie Weschler

See Photos, courtesy Bob Haschart

FHC On the Road in 2014

FHC Members Compete on the Road in 2014

Farmington Hunt Club members traveled to area competitions to compete in a variety of shows and events, and we were well represented. Here are a few of the results of their success:

In Virginia Hunter and Jumper Shows:

Stephanie Guerlain and her 5 y.o. warmblood mare Brooklyn ended up Year-End Champions in the VHSA Associate Adult Amateur Division and 3rd in the VHSA Associate Green Hunter Division.brooklyn2014OctHMHuntClassic-w

Brooklyn also won the Memory's Hill Stables Hunter Derby and was 2nd at the Keswick Summer Show Hunter Derby and 2nd at the Virginia Horse Center Hunter Stakes class. Stephanie's 2nd horse, a 12 year old off-the-the-track Thoroughbred, Camden was 10th in the VHSA Associate Adult Amateur Hunter year-end standings and was champion at both the Thoroughbred Heritage and Thoroughbred Celebration Horse Shows and 2nd at Warrenton Hunt Night (Ladies' Field Hunter Over Fences), 2nd in the Memory's Hill Hunter Derby, and 2nd in the Bit-O-Straw Hunter Classic at HITS Culpeper.Stephanie was also year-end VHSA Associate Adult Equitation Champion and SWVHJA Adult Medal Reserve Champion and named Best Amateur rider at the VHSA Associate Finals. (see below)

Dale Dealtrey's  6 y.o. off-the-track Thoroughbred, Fortunate Rooster, ridden by Dale, daughter Elizabeth Uffelman and trainer Baily Hale Dent was Year-End VHSA Associate Green Hunter Champion, as well as Reserve Champion in year-end standings for the VHSA Associate Thoroughbred Hunters and 4th in the VHSA Associate Adult Amateur Hunter year-end standings. Rooster was also the HITS Culpeper circuit champion in the 2'6" Thoroughbred Hunter division.  Rooster won the Hunter Derby at Oakland Heights and was year end Champion in the Thoroughbreds at the Rock Branch series.Pictured below, ridden by Dale's daughter Elizabeth Uffelman.

Mary Harp campaigned her mother, Ann Grachus' horse Descant to 10th place overall in the Year-End Regular VHSA Adult Amateur Hunter (age 36-49 division). (see T.Ramsay photo) Riders from Tom and Claiborne Bishop’s Barracks Stable won a variety of VHSA year end awards including Marianna Bishop Wade’s Castleton finished 4th overall in the VHSA 2014 Amateur Owner (Younger 18-35) Hunter 3’6” division, and Grand Cru with Earle Betts in the Older (50+) Amateur division finishing 7th.  Mary Harp and Descant, pictured below, courtesy of Teresa Ramsay.

VHSA Year End awards went to Dale Dealtrey and Liz Uffelman, Baily Dent and Stephanie Guerlain pictured below at the Homestead Omni Resort VHSA Final Awards ceremony in December.  Interesting to note, the VHSA Hall of Fame includes numerous past FHC greats:

Mrs. Elliewood Baxter 1994

"Keswick"-Polaris Farm-Mr. and Mrs. M M. Dent 1998 

Mr. Harry deLeyer 2002

Mr. Felix Nuesch 2005

Ms. Phyllis Jones 2006 

Mrs. Claiborne Bishop 2010 

Mr. Paul Cronin 2011

Mrs. Elliewood Keith 2012


Luanne Johnson’s Selle Français jumper Un Helvete was 6th over all in zone 3 usef 6 year Olds and was 7th in the Keswick Mini Prix. See below:

luanne2014 1176-1

In area Field Hunter Trials:

Carolyn Chapman placed 8th in the Virginia Field Hunter Championships riding Burghley. Shown here:
carolyn-c vatrials2014

The Middleburg Hunt hosted the Virginia Field Hunter Championships (because they won it last year). According to Ms. Chapman, “It is open to all VA Hunts who may send 2 people.  I was chosen for the final individual test but did not win.  Neil Morris put in a perfect test and deserved to win. (Farmington-represented by Shelly Thompson and Carolyn Chapman) also went to the North American Field Hunter Championships.  We were chosen after hunting during the week for the finals that are run at Middleburg's race Meet.  Shelly also was chosen but did not go up for the finals.  We do a mock hunt and then some were chosen to be tested individually.  I was and ended up 8th.  84 were competing.  We hunted with Orange County and Piedmont.   Two fantastic days.  Burghley's mother won this in 1999”.

Mary Quinn Martin and Molly Duncan won the pairs/team class at the Deep Run Hunter Trials in October, 2014 and Molly competed successfully in several other classes at the event.
maryquinn mollyduncan2014w

Charlotte Delany riding her horse, Box Office Smash, competed at Orange County Hunter Trials in October.  Above: Mary Quinn Martin and Molly Duncan at Deep Run

At Endurance and Trail Competitions

Shelly Thompson and Howard won the 100 mile competitive endurance ride, and Jebb Cuthbert won the 50 mile ride at the Homestead hosted by the VTRA in April 2014.

October 11-12, Millington’s Liz King led a big group in the 2014 Fall Trail ride. Pleasure Division riders representing FHC were Karen Bull, Beth Sutton, Mary Minor Henderson, Liz King, Stephanie and Russ Buss, Kate Johnson and Thoma, who attended but did not ride. Non FHC riders joining the group were Bonnie DeAtley, Amy Hurt and Andrea Doudera. Carol Easter, Farmington MFH, Sally Garland and Robin Mellen served as stewards and officials, joining Martha McLean, Doris Stimson(former BRH MFH) and former BREC veterianarian Dr. Lisa Cassinella who came in from Florida to judge the event.

from left:Beth Sutton,Kate Johnson, MM Henderson,Amy Hurt,Stephanie Buss,Andrea Doudera,Bonnie DeAtley,Karen Bull,Russ Buss




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