FHC Hunt Team Wins at Penn National 10-17-2016

Farmington Hunt sent two teams and seven riders to Harrisburg Pennsylvania to compete in the Penn National Horse Show Hunt division. FHC won the overall Hunt team Championship (for the first time) Monday night,October 17 providing entries in all of the hunt night classes. We were represented by Elizabeth Uffelman and JT  who won the Field Hunters under 35, and Jeanette Fellows and Liam represented us as well,Jenn Daly and Prize won the Field Hunters over 35,Stephanie Guerlain and Brooklyn took second, and Karen Bull was right behind her on Zeus with a 6th. Elizabeth King competed with Melissa Slutsky's Barcinni ,with a lovely ride.Sandy Rives of KHC got second in the Gentleman's Hunter under saddle on Cruiser, and our Tom Bishop represented us in the class of 13 with a good ride on Karen Bull's Zeus, Stephanie Guerlain and her Brooklyn collected a 4th place,  out of 46(!!!!) in the Ladies Hunter Under saddle, the Leading  Lady rider award was split three ways, Jenn Daly and Elizabeth Uffelman won two of the blues.Jeanette Fellows on the Riddle family's Liam and Karen Bull on Zeus also competed under saddle. Finally(at 10:30+ pm) we saw 22 Hunt teams compete jumping over the big course-and the horses and riders were tough to beat. The winning team was from Windy Hollow Hunt, followed by Kimberly, Sewickley,Elkridge Harford and then it was Farmington's team #2 that got the 5th place with a beautiful performance by Stephanie, Jenn and Elizabeth Uffelman.The big prize of the night:Hunt Night Championship went to FHC with a healthy lead of 23 points total, coming in ahead of Potomac with 17 points overall. Congratulations, again, to our winning team of riders who did so well Monday night. here are snapshots taken during the excellent live steam coverage that night from my computer screen!!!! for the benefit of those members who might not have seen the live stream or been lucky enough to go to Harrisburg,it was so fun to watch! Full results can be found on the Penn national website>

Professional Photos from the show will be made available, and of course FHC-Facebook page is full of snapshots taken at the show by our very own team shutterbugs, thanks Bailey and Stephanie and Karen for keeping us posted!

Below, from left:Jenn Daly and Prize, Thomas Bishop ex MFH,Elizabeth Uffelman and JT, Stephanie Guerlain and Brooklyn,Karen Bull and Zeus,Jeanette Fellows and Liam, Elizabeth King, MFH and Barcinni

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FHC July 30 Jumper Show

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Jumper/Equitation Show

Saturday, July 30th 2016 at Schelford Farm

Mr. Stephen Bickers, Judge

Well initially it looked like the hunt club was going to have a banner jumper show at Schelford on Saturday. Then the rain, the thunder and the lightning came. After an initial postponement after class #9, we decided to cancel the rest of the show for the safety of all. Fortunately high entries in the morning made for a successful show. I'd like to thank all those that exhibited and especially those that came, only to have their classes cancelled. A big thank you to all our hardworking volunteers: Stephen Bickers (Judge), Stephanie Guerlain, Linda Haschart, Kay Barquin, Lynn Stockton, Sandy Kendall, Shelly Thompson, Sally Powers, Carter McNeely, Ann Horner, Paula Campbell, Stacy Stinchfield, Nancy Howell, BJ Korol, Becky Barlow, Daniela Lee, the Schelford Crew of Jimmy Coffindaffer, Matthew Williams and Shannon Haffner, and all the exhibitors that stepped in and helped the jump crew. And of course a big thank you to MaryScott and JB for hosting the show! -Robin

Puddle Jumper

Table II2b 1. Foxlair Woodstock; 2. Daffodil, Katie Shiplett for Heather Will; 3. Well Played, Katie Shiplett 4. Tully McVei, Robin Ellis; 5. Pixelated, Jenny Rosner; 6. Oakfield's Sienna Sparrow, Chanda Boylen for Susan McConnell

Power & Speed 1. Foxlair Woodstock; 2. Daffodil, Taylor Dunthorn for Millington Stables 3. Tully McVei; 4. Farina, Katie Shiplett for Heather Will; 5. Dixie, Amanda Sager for Robin Ellis; 6. Slew of Lucky Stars, Catie Howard for Jenn Daly

Novice Children's/Adult Jumper:

Table II2b 1. Talk of the Town, Emma Hale; 2. Desiree, Taylor Overman for Jebb Cuthbert; 3T. Dezy, Grace Hale; 3T. Cricket, Acree McDowell for Jenn Daly; 3T. Buggsy, Nicole Hill for Sarah Wynn

Power & Speed1. Talk of the Town; 2. Tully McVei; 3. Dezy; 4. Cricket; 5T. Daffodil; 5T Buggsy

Novice Jumper:

Table II2b1. Oakfields Ennis, Chanda Boylen for Susan McConnell; 2. Breezeway John Henry, Isabella Karr for Carol Sherwood; 3. Pixelated; 4. Lily, Kaitlyn Schmitt for Jebb Cuthbert, 5. Tarragon, Kaitlyn Schmitt for Jebb Cuthbert; 6. Just Jasper, Kiki Osborne for Shelly Thompson

Power & Speed1. Pixelated; 2. Lily; 3. Buggsy; 4. Breezeway John Henry; 5. Magic Mike, Lara Morris for The Pony Academy; 6. Scarlet, Helen Snyder for The Pony Academy

Training Jumper:

Table II2b1. Indigo Sky, Chris Perot; 2. Oakfields Peridot, Jenn Daly for Susan McConnell; 3. Descant, Mary Harp; 4. Wyatt, Kate Samuels for the Equine Welfare Society, 5. Tennessee Whiskey, Andra Simons; 6. Secret Soldier, Sommers Olinger for Brookhill Farm

Power & Speed1. Oakfields Jameson, Jenn Daly for Susan McConnell; 2. Piper, Toni Durham; 3. Indigo Sky; 4. Belladona Lily Emily Sears for Amy Lamb; 5. Tennessee Whiskey; 6. Thunder in Saratoga, Tiffany Snell

VHSA Associate Children's/Adult Equitation 1. Katie Define, 2. Summer Smith; 3. Chris Perot, 4. Rachel Dalkin; 5. Emily Sears; 6. Amanda Watson


Photos from July 30 2016 Summer Jumper Show at Schelford Farm are up in the FHC Galleries

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FHC Aug 13 Hunter Pace at Miller School

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Miller School Hunter Pace

FHC held its first hunter pace at Miller School August 13th and experienced a great turn out of 54 riders in the August heat! There was lots of positive feedback from the participants who enjoyed the shady trails, diversity and beauty of the countryside, and the inviting coops.

There are many people to thank whose efforts made this hunter pace the success that it was. There is no event without our landowners. Thank you Miller School and Hadens!

Matthew, Tommy and Grady installed a new hunting gate at Haden’s, as well as new coops at Miller School. One more time they heaved up  “the big tent” for another FHC event. They also gave our “Timers” their own tent to escape the brutal sun. Thank you!

Our “Parking Attendants” Jim Wray, Brian Barquin, Shawnee Baker and Chris Middleton did an amazing job of organizing all the incoming trailers and cars! Whew!

Thanks to our Secretaries Dale Dealtrey, Marilee Lindbeck and Mary Buford for their efficiency and for keeping it “fun”. Thanks to Nancy Howell and Stephanie Guerlain for doing the pre-entries.

Becky Barlow and Howard Miller kept things moving as our official “Timers.”

Michele Fultano and Brian Barquin kept the cows at bay and the riders moving smoothly through the two pasture gates at Haden’s. Brian also manned the watering hole, offering thirsty riders welcomed refreshments, and hot horses a moment to catch their breath in the shade. Great job! Shawnee Baker rounded up volunteers to bring side salads and desserts to complement the sub sandwiches. We had a wonderful variety of great dishes on tables decorated with flowers donated by Dale and Mary Buford. Thanks to everyone who contributed food! The riders loved it. Thanks to Margaret Nash for picking up the sandwiches and staying on to help with food prep. And we can’t forget all the drink fairies, April Fletcher, Carroll Robertson, Priscilla Friedberg, Tiffany Snell, and Carter McNeely who donated beverages on such a hot day. Many thanks to Dale for the ice to keep them all chilled! There is nothing like the focus and adrenalin leading up to an event. But eventually the last trailer disappears down the road and the clean up begins. I am very grateful to Mary Buford, Michele Fultano, Dale Dealtrey, Shawnee Baker, Cathy Robb (who returned to help after riding!) and Becky Barlow who all defied the heat and got the job done!

A special thanks to Gene Gartner, our liaison with Miller School! His enthusiasm and “can do” attitude made this event possible. He put in many hours chain sawing and trail blazing! Thank you for accompanying me on numerous rides to get the course “just right.”

Photos available here:


Miller School Hunter Pace Results

Hunter Division:

1 - Stephany Helbig and Courtney Hyer

2 - Jennifer Daly and Chanda Boylen

3 - Jeanette Fellows and Mary Kalergis

4 - Mark and Shelly Thompson

Junior Division:

1 - Annabelle Aron, Mary Harp, Faith Johnson, Tiffany Snell

2 - Juliana and Tina Mallia

3 - Pippa and Julie Cook, John Elliott

4 - Emma Bittle and Carter McNeely

Pleasure Division:

1 - Barbara Barrell and Emily Taylor

2 - a two-way tie with teams:  Jeni & Katie Galvin;  and  Diane Hawkins, Lara Morris & Judy Fortineaux

3 - a two-way tie with teams: Alexandra Austin & Anna Shields;   and Megan Custer & Becky Birnbaum

4 - Jane Andrews and Susan Migliore

Congratulations to all!

*First place ribbon winners will receive their ribbons in the mail along with a free FHC capping certificate.  All other ribbon winners may contact Deborah Wray if they wish to have their ribbon mailed to them.

Fun Show,Social-July 20

July 20, 2016 Fun Show at Millington Stables

Report and results by Stephanie Guerlain, for more photos visit FHC Facebook Page

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Summer Fun Horse Show & Evening Social

Wednesday, July 20th 2016 at Millington Stables

Ms. Stephanie Guerlain, Judge

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Photo by K. Karr

The annual summer fun show at Millington was fun for riders and spectators alike. New this year were three big hits: the Obstacle classes, Musical Poles (kind of like musical chairs) and Pole Bending! We had tons of help getting ready for and running the show. Thanks to so many people, I'm sure I've missed some of you but here goes: the whole Kittrell family (and friends!), Baily Dent, Liz King, Mary Buford Hitz, Elizabeth Uffelman, the Buss Family, Mary Minor and Will Henderson, Lynne Allen, Linda Haschart, Carolyn Brandt, Jennifer Sulzberger, Kay Barquin, Sheryl Hopper, Stephen Bickers, Karen Bull, Michelle Fultano, the Brann family, Jeanne Marie Faulconer, Dale Dealtrey, Kristina Karr, and Debbie Heymann.

Low Hunter: Champion: Warbux, Ali King; Reserve Champion: Foxlair Woodstock, Isabella Karr for Jocelyn McDonald

A: 1. Foxlair Woodstock; 2. Warbux; 3. Duck, Arri for Spring Mountain Farm 4. Desiree, Taylor Overman for Jebb Cuthbert; 5. Magic Mike, Lara Morris for The Pony Academy; 6. Kill Devil's Hill, Arri for Spring Mountain Farm

B: 1. Warbux 2. Scarlet, Helen Snyder for The Pony Academy 3. Foxlair Woodstock; 4. Duck; 5. Breezeway Moonflower, Isabella Karr for Jenny Furlow; 6. Magic Mike

U/S: 1. Desiree; 2. Foxlair Woodstock; 3. Warbux; 4. Saba, Ann Horner; 5. Magic Mike; 6. Scarlet

Working Hunter: Champion: Warbux, Ali King; Reserve Champion: Runaway Dame, Joy Crompton

A: 1. Runaway Dame; 2. Zeus, Karen Bull; 3. Warbux

B: 1. Warbux

U/S: 1. Warbux; 2. Runaway Dame; 3. Zeus

Pleasure W/T: 1. Blue Clear Sky, Alyssa Connor for Bethany Wood; 2. From a Distance, Laura Miller for Bethany Wood; 3. Blue Paris, Delaney Jones for Bethany Wood; 4. Beau, Pippa Cook; 5. Jaden, Hannah Buss

Pleasure W/T/C: 1. From a Distance; 2. Beau 3. Blue Clear Sky; 4. Jaden

Equitation 1: 1. Jeanette Fellows, 2. Isabella Karr, 3. Taylor Overman

Equitation 2: 1. Jeanette Fellows, 2. Isabella Karr

Obstacles 1: 1. Laura Miller; 2. Micheala Van Clief; 3. Alyssa Connor; 4. Pippa Cook; 5. Hannah Buss; 6. Delaney Jones

Obstacles 2: 1. Delaney Jones; 2. Alyssa Connor; 3. Laura Miller, 4. Pippa Cook

Maiden Hunter A: 1. Beau; 2. Jaden

Maiden Hunter B: 1. Jaden; 2. Beau

Egg & Spoon: 1. Southern Belle, Joy McGill for Lois McGill; 2. Foxlair Woodstock; 3. Dixie, Robin Ellis; 4. Dublin, Lainey Butler; 5. Jimmy, Maggie Kittrell for Millington Stables; 6. Desiree

Musical Poles: 1. Southern Belle, 2. Dublin; 3. Beau; 4. Lilly, Shawnee Baker for Jebb Cuthbert; 5. Foxlair Woodstock;; 6. Dixie

Ribbon Pairs: 1. Lilly and Desiree; 2. Southern Belle and Belladonna Lily, Emily Sears for Amy Lamb; 3. Foxlair Woodstock and Dublin; 4. High Five, Jebb Cuthbert and Jimmy

Sit-A-Buck 1. Robin Ellis; 2. Emily Sears; 3. Taylor Overman; 4. Lainey Butler; 5. Isabella Karr, 6. Maggie Kittrell

Keyhole Race: 1. Southern Belle; 2. Belladonna Lily; 3. High Five; 4. Foxlair Woodstock; 5. Dixie; 6. Dublin

Barrel Race: 1. Southern Belle; 2. High Five 3. Belladonna Lily; 4. Dublin; 5. Foxlair Woodstock

Pole Bending: 1. Belladonna Lily; 2. High Five; 3. Foxlair Woodstock; 4. Southern Belle; 5. Dublin

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Sunday November 6, 2016
Part of a Hunt series, popular horse activity over a great 5 mile course at the Farmington Kennels
5926 Wesley Chapel Road, Free Union, VA 22940, (First Rider out 10 am)
More information 
Kip Holloway Event Manager 434-985-3482




Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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