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2014 Foxhunter Clinic 2014 Foxhunter Clinic

Date added: 04/16/2014
Date modified: 04/16/2014
Filesize: 932.92 kB
Downloads: 6

Aug 15-17, 2014

2011 Hound Book-pictorial roster 2011 Hound Book-pictorial roster

Date added: 04/04/2014
Date modified: 04/04/2014
Filesize: 26.23 MB
Downloads: 17

Farmington Hounds, 2011-2012 season

Pictorial roster, photos by E.H.Sutton, illustrated catalog of hounds, prepared by Beth Sutton with Daron and Alison Beeney, professional hunt staff Farmington Hunt Club kennels, Free Union VA, 2011
(this book was the first illustrated roster, prepared in summer 2011)

printed by Ibook, Apple INC

copyright Farmington Hunt Club, all rights reserved

Farmington Spring Show Entry Form Mar 31 2014 Farmington Spring Show Entry Form Mar 31 2014

Date added: 03/22/2014
Date modified: 03/22/2014
Filesize: 73.37 kB
Downloads: 22

Hidden Fox HS Entry Form

Hunter's Dinner Reply card Hunter's Dinner Reply card

Date added: 01/20/2014
Date modified: 01/20/2014
Filesize: 66.13 kB
Downloads: 65

Reply card for reservation, 2014 Hunter's Dinner 2/15

Hunter's Dinner 2014 Invitation Hunter's Dinner 2014 Invitation

Date added: 01/20/2014
Date modified: 01/20/2014
Filesize: 612.85 kB
Downloads: 74

Social event Invitation for Members and Guests

2014 January-March Fixture Card 2014 January-March Fixture Card

Date added: 12/24/2013
Date modified: 12/24/2013
Filesize: 230.25 kB
Downloads: 230

2013 Hound Roster 2013 Hound Roster

Date added: 08/16/2013
Date modified: 08/16/2013
Filesize: 91.97 kB
Downloads: 157

2013 Foxhunting Clinic Aug2-4 2013 Foxhunting Clinic Aug2-4

Date added: 07/14/2013
Date modified: 07/14/2013
Filesize: 1.16 MB
Downloads: 140

3-day foxhunting clinic at Millington (days 1 and 2) and Kennels (mock hunt, day 3)

2013 Walk and Talk Guidelines 2013 Walk and Talk Guidelines

Date added: 05/20/2013
Date modified: 05/20/2013
Filesize: 128.59 kB
Downloads: 167

by Kay Butterfield

Advertising-Sponsorship form Advertising-Sponsorship form

Date added: 04/12/2013
Date modified: 04/12/2013
Filesize: 63.5 kB
Downloads: 178

Please fill out this form to place your advertisement in the FHc website

Be a Business Sponsor for maximum advertising value

2012 Jumper/Equitation Show results 2012 Jumper/Equitation Show results

Date added: 04/30/2012
Date modified: 04/30/2012
Filesize: 99.88 kB
Downloads: 791

Liz KingFHC April Jumper/ Equitation Show results

Schelford 4/29/2012

2012 Hound Roster 2012 Hound Roster

Date added: 04/24/2012
Date modified: 04/24/2012
Filesize: 241.12 kB
Downloads: 752

Complete List of all Farmington Foxhounds

Daron Beeney, Huntsman April, 2012

Joint MFH Carol Easter , Joy Crompton,Bok Summers, W.Pat Butterfield

Medical Card Medical Card

Date added: 04/24/2012
Date modified: 04/24/2012
Filesize: 369.41 kB
Downloads: 345
Medical information card, must be carried by riders

2012-waiver-release-form 2012-waiver-release-form

Date added: 04/23/2012
Date modified: 09/18/2012
Filesize: 173.77 kB
Downloads: 2551

2012 waiver of liability-release form for all FHC horse activities, hunts

(revised 4/2012with address space)

FHC Logo Merchandise Order Form FHC Logo Merchandise Order Form

Date added: 09/06/2011
Date modified: 01/26/2012
Filesize: 848.26 kB
Downloads: 746
Order form of available merchandise (last updated September, 2011)

Sponsor Application Form Sponsor Application Form

Date added: 03/14/2010
Date modified: 03/14/2010
Filesize: 386.5 kB
Downloads: 3780

Members' Handbook Members' Handbook

Date added: 10/22/2009
Date modified: 10/22/2009
Filesize: 996.54 kB
Downloads: 2008

"Members' Handbook"
Foxhunting Protocol and Conduct
Printer Friendly Copy

Hound Roster Hound Roster

Date added: 07/23/2009
Date modified: 06/22/2011
Filesize: Unknown
Downloads: 1411

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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