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2014 Virginia Hound Show
Morven Park May 25th
Matt Cook and Swallow, pictured here

 Photos  by Beth Sutton, event report see below

Sunday, May 25th FHC Exhibits hounds at Virginia Foxhound Show in Leesburg, VA
 photos in Hound Gallery by Beth Sutton,and more great photos by Dr. C. Middleton

FARMINGTON returns to Morven park after a 14 year break from showing at this prestigious Virginia event. A group of selected hounds and a strong contingent of member-spectators from Charlottesville travelled to the Virginia Foxhound Show for a beautiful day's fun. We all had a chance to see some of the best of the Hounds from packs all over the state and beyond. For a sampling of pictures go to Hound Photos in Galleries. For more information about the FHC hounds and a complete hound list, visit"Our Hounds", in About FHC

Comments from the members:
Julie Cook reports "It was a fun day today at The Virginia Hound show. We were in the crossbreed ring where in the morning the doghound classes were huge, we didn't take home any placings but to be amongst that amount of hounds was new for us and our hounds! The afternoon was the bitches turn. We got a 4th with Swallow in the Unentered bitch, and a 3rd with Wigeon in the brood bitch class.
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Hunting legend Melvin Poe(red hat) and steward Sherry Buttrick look on as Matthew Cook and Swallow accept their fourth place ribbon
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Matthew accepts a third in the brood bitch class as Sherry Buttrick announces Wigeon's win
Also Charlie took Breaker in the largest class of the day, the junior handler class.
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L-R,Carolyn Chapman, Put Spaulding,Bok Summers,BJ Korol, Kay Barquin, Evie Cowles look on as Breaker tries to sniff out a treat in Charlie Cook's coat during the Junior Handlers class. Not pictured were many members who attended, including the Wrights, Thompsons, Bishops, Kim Morton and Deborah Wray, Kelly Coffin, Nan Young,the Johnsons,Chris Middleton, Jen Campbell(back from South Africa!), Forbes Reback, Reynolds Cowles, Pat Butterfield, Joy Crompton, Carol Easter, Cheryl Microsticos, Kalergises and the Fletchers. And Pippa Cook!
It was a great experience for all our hounds, as they are not seasoned show hounds like a lot of the others.
Thank you to ALL the great Farmington Members who came and supported our hounds today! Our tailgate was fantastic!"

FHC President Reynolds Cowles thanks everyone: "FHC did very respectably today and we were all very proud of Matthew and our hounds. Kudos to Matthew, Julie and Charlie for all their hard work. We had quite a crowd up there today and the food tent was overflowing as usual. Thanks to BJ, Jennifer, Kay, Kate, Joy, Evie and especially to Debbie Wright who produced the best strawberry shortcake imaginable!. The homemade short cakes were special. Too many others contributed to list. This was a great turnout for FHC who returned to the boards for the first time in 14 years and we look forward to many more. Thanks to all."

 Sherry Buttrick (Master of the multiple award winning Farmington Beagles) commented: "It was so awesome to have Farmington back at the Virginia Show!!  What a great turnout of members!! As steward in the crossbred ring, I could see how strong the classes were and how much competition there was, and FHC did great.  It’s a real credit to a hunt to get in the ribbons at this show, and the hounds looked great and performed well.  Wigeon esp was really lovely.  Matthew, you are a star! Farmington got another stealth-ribbon, in that Adrian Smith from Metamora was showing a Farmington hound he had been given by Daron ( OCH Winston x a Cr bitch) who came fourth just behind Wigeon. 


Thanks to all who came, and see ya next year!!!



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