2014 Spring Hunter Show
Hidden Fox Farm May 31st
Dale Dealtrey, Stephen Bickers and Baily Dent, pictured here

 Photos by Bob Haschart, event report see below

FARMINGTON Show report and Results, by manager Stephen Bickers

We'll call this the year of the snake.  Anyone who was at the show at the right time would know what I meant, all others should check out the photos from the horse show and you'll figure it out.  Good thing I was not the one who first spotted the snake, or else someone else would have been finishing out the horse show for me.
Picture perfect weather, plenty of rain the week before to wet the dust, more than enough entries all combined to make for a really nice horse show.  It speaks very highly to the loyalty of our exhibitors and friends that even with the other horse show going on at Keswick we managed to come within 75 dollars of what we took in at our show last year.
Let me start by thanking Melissa and Phillip for again letting us use their beautiful farm for the show.  When I first got there in the morning and the ring was freshly raked and there wasn't a horse in sight, I thought what a wonderful place to have a show.
Next thanks go again to Scott Nunnally for the use of the big tent.  It makes it so much easier to run a show when you know you have shelter from the sun and the wind (even if it did nothing to ward off the snake).
How about the group of volunteers we had this year!!!!  Although Drew was not with us on the day of the show, he helped set up on Monday, and cut cedar, and listen to me fret.  Our cast of volunteers included BJ Korol and Kay Barquin as morning secretaries.  They always get us off to a great start.  Debbie Wright was morning announcer and Nancy Howell and Kim Morton helped with jump crew and any other miscellaneous thing that came up.  Taking over for the secretaries in the afternoon was Robin Lundgren and Sandy Kendall, assisted at the end by Mary Harp.  Jebb Cuthbert took over announcing duties and her husband Chris single handedly stepped in as jump crew and right hand man.  There is no way I could have done it without them especially this year, and not once did I have to look for anyone; everyone was Johnny on the Spot from start to finish.  Thanks also to Calvin Lewis for working the crowd and keeping everyone smiling.  I heard not one cross word all day, not one dispute, and how much more could you ask for.
Last but not least, thanks to chef Greg Harp for keeping us all fed.
There are many more who contributed behind the scenes, Liz for arranging for ribbons and the port a john, and I probably have forgotten someone along the way, but if so, please accept my apologies.  Everyone really pulled together to put on a terrific horse show.  And the best part is that as of today, it is a year away.......



Be sure to check out the fantastic photos by Rick Stillings and Bob Haschart:



May 31, 2014 

Judge: Mr. Gordon Reistrup 

Schooling Hunter Champion:   Captain Butler, Baily Hale Dent

             Res:   Komposed Kaos,   Mary Gray McKinsey

Green Hunter Champion:   Fortunate Rooster,   Dale Dealtrey 

                  Res:   Brooklyn,   Stephanie Geurlain

Working Hunter Champion:   Jazz Man Blues,   Saddle Up Farm 

                  Res:   Cerrano,   Melissa Hart 

Children's Hunter Champion:   Cerrano,   Melissa Hart

                  Res:   Komposed Kaos,   Mary Gray McKinsey 

Adult Hunter Champion:   Brooklyn,  Stephanie Guerlain

                  Res:   Captain Butler,   Baily Hale Dent

VHSA Thoroughbred Hunter Champion:   Picasso,   T. Michael Sharp and Equinox Farm

                  Res:   Fortunate Rooster,   Dale Dealtrey

Short Stirrup Equitation Champion:   Anna Sojka

                  Res:   Josie Galvin

Short Stirrup Hunter Champion:   Yardley Tinseltown Blues,   Julie Mallia

                  Res:   Belle,   Lynne Gebhard

Pony Pleasure Champion:   Blue Clear Sky,   Wakefield Farm

                  Res:   Yardley Tinseltown Blues,   Julie Mallia

Junior Horse Pleasure Champion:   Wally Binz,   Barbara Barrell   

                  Res:   Talk of the Town,   Emma Hale

Adult Horse Pleasure Champion:   Newtown Pippin,   Frankie Brittain

                  Res:   Heart of Texas,   Barbara Barrell 

Low Hunter Champion:   Stuart Little,   Paula McConnell 

                  Res:   Wally Binz,   Barbara Barrell

Pony Hunter Champion:   Magic Trix,   Barbara Barrell

                  Res:   Stuart Little,   Paula McConnell

Grand Champion Pleasure:   Blue Clear Sky,   Wakefield Farm

Grand Hunter Champion:   Cerrano,   Melissa Hart

Leading Hunter Rider:   Baily Hale Dent 

Best Child Rider:   Kaitlin Mallia (winner of a free cap for the 2014/15 hunt season!)



                  Schooling Hunters:   1. Cerrano;   2. Komposed Kaos;   3. Captain Butler;   4. Midas,   Tea Time Farm. 

                  Schooling Hunters:   1. Komposed Kaos;   2.   Well Spent,   Krista Hodgkin;   3. Midas;  4. Frankly My Dear,   Katie Gardner.

                  Schooling Hunters under saddle:   1. Captain Butler;   2. Cerrano;   3. Maelise,   Rachel Bell;   4. Magyar Csinos,   Barbara Barrell.

                  Green Hunters:   1. Satchmo,   Deborah Wray;   2. Fortunate Rooster;   3. Magyar Csinos;   4. Brooklyn.

                  Green Hunters:   1. Fortunate Rooster;   2. Brooklyn;   3. Magyar Csinos;   4. Thessaly,   Jenner Brunk.

                  Green Hunters under saddle:   1. Fortunate Rooster;   2. Brooklyn;   3.   Magyar Csinos;   4. Satchmo.

                  Working Hunters:   1. Jazz Man Blues;   2. What Luck,   Abby MacBride ;   3. Komposed Kaos;   4.   Cerrano.

                  Working Hunters:   1. Cerrano;   2. Jazz Man Blues;   3. Komposed Kaos;   4.   What Luck.

                  Working Hunters under saddle:   1. Jazz Man Blues;   2. Cerrano;   3. What Luck.

                  Equitation on the flat:   1.   Kaitlin Mallia;   2.   Carter Williams;   3.   Sarah Moran. 

                  Black Cat Farm Equitation:   1.   Carter Williams;   2.   Sarah Moran;   3.   Kaitlin Mallia.

                  Children's Hunters:   1. Komposed Kaos; 2. Thessaly;   3. Cerrano;   4. Wendell,   Spring Breeze Farm. 

                  Children's Hunters:   1. Cerrano;   2. Thessaly ;   3. Wendell;   4. Komposed Kaos. 

                  Children's Hunters under saddle:   1. Cerrano;   2. Komposed Kaos;   3. Wendell;   4. Thessaly.

                  Adult Hunters:   1.   Captain Butler;   2.   Time Well Wasted,   Abby MacBride;   3.   Camden,   Stephanie Guerlain;   4.   Sharkuan,   Saddle Up Farm.

                  Adult Hunters:   1.   Brooklyn;   2.   Camden;   3.   Time Well Wasted;   4.   Captain Butler. 

                  Adult Hunters under saddle:   1.   Brooklyn;   2.   Sharkuan;   3.   Captain Butler;   4.   Time Well Wasted.

                  VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters:   1.   Picasso;   2.   Fortunate Rooster;   3.   Well Spent;   4.   Satchmo.

                  VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters:   1.   Picasso;   2.   Fortunate Rooster;   3.   Camden;   4.   Well Spent. 

                  VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters under saddle:   1.   Well Spent;   2.   Fortunate Rooster;   3.   Picasso;   4.   Frankly My Dear.


                  Short Stirrup Equitation, Walk:   1. Anna Sojka ;   2. Josie Galvin;   3. Anna Antrobius.

                  Short Stirrup Equitation, Walk, Trot:   1. Anna Sojka;   2. Anna Antrobius;   3.   Josie Galvin.

                  Short Stirrup Equitation over obstacles:   1. Anna Sojka;   2.   Josie Galvin;   3.   Anna Antrobius.

                  Short Stirrup Hunters:   1. Yardley Tinseltown Blues;   2. Belle;   3.   Finnegan,   Anna Sojka.

                  Short Stirrup Hunters:   1. Belle;   2. Yardley Tinseltown Blues;   3.   Finnegan.

                  Short Stirrup Hunters under saddle:   1. Yardley Tinseltown Blues;   2. Belle;   3. Finnegan.

                  Pony Pleasure - Walk, Trot:   1. Kindred Spirit,   Caroline Weschler;   2. Blue Clear Sky;   3. Yardley Tinseltown Blues;   4. Good As Gold,   Barbara Barrell.

                  Pony Pleasure - Go As You Please:   1. Blue Clear Sky ;   2. Yardley Tinseltown Blues;   3.   Magic Trix;   4. Good As Gold.

                  Pony Pleasure:   1. Blue Clear Sky;   2. Yardley Tinseltown Blues;   3. Good As Gold;   4. Magic Trix.  

                  Junior Horse Pleasure - Walk, Trot:   1. Alencio,   Caroline Weschler;   2. Wally Binz;   3. Talk of the Town.

                  Junior Horse Pleasure - Go As You Please:   1. Wally Binz;   2. Alencio;   3. Talk of the Town. 

                  Junior Horse Pleasure:   1. Talk of the Town;   2. Wally Binz.

                  Adult Horse Pleasure - Walk, Trot:   1. Newtown Pippin;   2. Alencio;   3. Heart of Texas.

                  Adult Horse Pleasure - Go As You Please:   1. Newtown Pippin;   2. Heart of Texas;   3. Alencio.

                  Adult Horse Pleasure:   1. Newtown Pippin;   2. Heart of Texas.

                  Low Hunters:   1. Stuart Little;   2. Slew of Lucky Stars,  Spring Breeze Farm;   3. Wally Binz;   4. Talk of the Town. 

                  Low Hunters:   1. Wally Binz;   2. Stuart Little;   3. Magic Trix;   4. Talk of the Town. 

                  Low Hunters under saddle:   1. Stuart Little;   2. Magic Trix;   3. Heart of Texas;   4. Talk of the Town

                  Pony Hunters:   1.   Magic Trix;   2.   Twinkle,   Julie Mallia;   3.   Stuart Little. 

                  Pony Hunters:   1.   Stuart Little;   2.   Magic Trix;   3.   Twinkle.

                  Pony Hunters under saddle:   1.   Magic Trix;   2.   Twinkle;   3.   Stuart Little.


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