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2014 Summer Fun Show and Evening Social
Millington Stables, Free Union,VA
July 16th, pictured here Maggie Kittrell

Event report see below

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Approximately 60 horses and riders attended the 2014 Summer Fun Show and Evening Gymkhana, judged by Robin Mellen and Joy Crompton. We were blessed with perfect weather, beautiful courses and lots of patient horses and riders.  Many hunt club members as well as friends and family from the community came to watch the show and share in some food, drink and camaraderie on a beautiful summer day. 

Thanks so much to everyone that helped prepare for and put on the show including Liz King, Liz Uffelman, Mary Minor Henderson, Put Spaulding, Virginia Michel, Daniela Baumgardner, Karen Bull, Linda Haschart, Bob Haschart, Muffin Barnes, Ann Horner, B.J. Korol, Robin Mellen, Stephen Bickers, Sarah Lightbody, Lynne Stockton, Michelle Fultano, Bonnie Hanks, Wilma Mangione, Jay Fennell, Emma Bittle, Carter McNeely, Kiki Osbourne, Baily Dent, Robin Ellis, Shelly Thompson, Becky Barlow, and Joy Crompton.


Results: Summer Fun Show & Evening Gymkhana
July 16, 2014 Millington Stables

Short Stirrup Champion: Oliver Twist (Hunter Holden)      
Reserve Champion: Hope (Merydith Fowley for Fairhunt)

Short Stirrup U/S 
1. Oliver Twist (Hunter Holden) 
2. Belladonna Lilly (Emily Sears) 
3. Hope (Merydith Fowley for Fairhunt) 
4. Riesling (Sofie Vestal for New Meadow Farm) 
Short Stirrup 
1. Hope 
2. Oliver Twist 
3. Riesling
Short Stirrup 
1. Oliver Twist 
2. Hope 
3. Riesling

Low Hunter Champion: Brooklyn (Stephanie Guerlain)  
Reserve Champion: 
Speckled Sparrow (Meredith King for Whitney Digney)

Low Hunter 
1. Galvani (Rachel Wade for Kiki Osbourne) 
2. Strider (Whitney Henderson for Mary Minor Henderson) 
3. Big Chief (Morgan Scott for Logan Boyle) 
4. Brooklyn (Stephanie Guerlain) 
5. Hope (Aminla Hodzik for Fairhunt) 
6. Speckled Sparrow (Meredith King for Whitney Digney )
Low Hunter 
1. Speckled Sparrow 
2. Second Chance (Maggie Morris) 
3. Stuart Little (Isabella Karr for Paula McConnell) 
4. Brooklyn 
5. Big Chief 
6. Jazz (Joy Crompton for Carol Easter)       
Low Hunter U/S 
1. Brooklyn 
2. Stuart Little 
3. Hope 
4. Second Chance 
5. Jazz 
6. Havanna (Katie Shipplett)

Children’s/Adult Equitation 
1. Katie Define 
2. Stephanie Guerlain 
3. Joy McGill 
4. Meredith King

Children’s/Adult Hunter Champion: Prize (Katie Define for Jenn Daly)
Reserve Champion: Brooklyn (Stephanie Guerlain) 

Ch/Adult Hunter 
1. Camden (Stephanie Guerlain) 
2. Box Office Smash (Charlotte Delany) 
3. Prize (Katie Define for Jenn Daly) 
4. Brooklyn 
5. Jocamo (Megan Logney) 
6. Zeus (Karen Bull)

Ch/Adult Hunter 
1. Prize 
2. Brooklyn 
3. Jocamo 
4. Camden 
5. Zeus 
6. Box Office Smash
Ch/Adult Hunter U/S 
1. Riesling (Rose for New Meadow Farm) 
2. Brooklyn 
3. Jocamo 
4. Prize 
5. Cruising for Gold (Carolyn Shifflett) 
6. Camden

Pony Hunter 
1. Speckled Sparrow 
2. Stuart Little

Pony Hunter 
1. Stuart Little
Pony Hunter U/S 
1. Stuart Little

Working Hunter Champion: Chester (Joy McGill for Charles Durbin) 
Reserve Champion:
Bennett (Luanne Johnson for Kinzie Flynn)

Working Hunter 
1. Chester (Joy McGill for Charles Durbin) 
2. Jocamo 
3. Bennett (Luanne Johnson for Kinzie Flynn) 
4. Galen (Alex McQueu for Hallam Hurt) 
Working Hunter 
1. Chester 
2. Galen 
3. Bennett 
4. Jocamo
Working Hunter U/S 
1. Bennett 
2. Jocamo 
3. Galen 
4. Chester

Pleasure Champion: Belladonna Lilly (Emily Sears) 
Reserve Champion: Big Chief (Morgan Scott for Logan Boyle)

Pleasure W/T 
1. Belladonna Lilly (Emily Sears) 
2. Big Chief (Morgan Scott for Logan Boyle) 
3. Riesling (Rose for New Meadow Farm) 
4. Heza Nimble (Catie Howard for Spring Breeze Farm) 
5. Aiken for a Blue (Logan Boyle) 
6. Mikey B (Georgina Zarjonc for Willow Spring Farm)
Pleasure W/T/C 
1. Belladonna Lilly 
2. Big Chief 
3. Riesling 
4. Aiken for a Blue 
5. Up and Coming
Pleasure GAYP 
1. Belladonna Lilly 
2. Big Chief 
3. Riesling 
4. Aiken for a Blue 
5. Mikey B 
6. Up and Coming

1T. Kaitlyn O'Malley 
1T. Gigi Taft

Egg & Spoon 
1. Camden 
2. Speckled Sparrow 
3. Black Booty (Elizabeth Uffelman for Dale Dealtrey) 
4. Oakley (Maggie Kittrell for The Pony Academy) 
5. Finny (Carter McNeely) 
6. Up & Coming

Ribbon Pairs 
1. Thunder (Emma Bittle for Carter McNeely) & Finny 
2. Heza Nimble (Catie Howard for Spring Breeze Farm) & Chester 
3. Bennett & Et Tu Brute (Kim Fremb for Alli Taylor) 
4. Stuart Little & Speckled Sparrow 
5. Tom Tom (Ginger Umstedter for The Pony Academy) & Magic Mike (Lara Morris for The Pony Academy) 6. Piedmont’s Uptown Girl (Adrienne Brown for Up & Over Farm) & DKF Merrylegs (Clara Castle for Dogwood Knoll Farm)

1T. Finny (Carter McNeely) 
1T. Piedmont’s Uptown Girl 
1T. Magic Mike 
1T. Box Office Smash 
5. Black Booty 
6. Stuart Little

Keyhole Race 
1. Camden 
2. Magic Mike 
3T. Jade 
3T. Up & Coming 
5. Bennett 
6. DKF Merrylegs

Barrel Race 
1. Chester 
2. High Five 
3. Prize 
4. Camden 
5. Bennett 
6. Thunder 

Jump-Barrel-Jump Race 
1. Prize 
2. High Five 
3. Camden 
4. Bennett 
5. Speckled Sparrow 
6. Et Tu Brute


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