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2014 Cub Hunting Opening Meet
Millington Stables, Free Union,VA
September 1st, pictured here Matthew Cook, Huntsman

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Approximately 30 horses and riders turned out for the opening meet of the 2014 Cub Hunting Season of the Farmington Hunt, Monday, September 1st, Labor Day at Millington Stable in Free Union VA. Masters Carol Easter, W. Pat Buttterfield, and Joy Crompton were on hand to welcome back enthusiastic hunting members and spectators who had a fine morning riding out over the fields and woods near Millington. Matthew Cook introduced 11 new entry this season, with an eye towards developing a fine pack for a great year. Mathew says that the number of hounds is roughly the same but includes a slightly larger percentage of American hounds. Weather conditions have been challenging so far this season with hard ground and warm temperatures. To make things even more difficult for the young hounds, opening meet presented the difficulty of hitting the line of a bear family that likes to forage in the farmland along the Moorman's river. As Pat said, "you could hardly blame the puppies for getting off track on the stinkiest animal in the woods." This made for a scattered pack soon after the start of the meet, but thanks to hard riding staff whips Deborah Wray and Kim Morton, along with Tom Bishop and road whips Brian Barquin and B.J. Korol, the hounds were brought safely home.
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With hounds safely loaded in the trailer, Matthew discusses the day's hunt with Kennel man and road whip Tommy McCauley and Charlie Cook.

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Hound puppies had a challenging day their first time out, distracted by a wayward bear, but all safely returned home.

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Road whip B. J. Korol was on hand back at the trailer to help out with one of the staff horses after a hard, hot ride. Huntsman Matthew Cook has four horses to use this season including Bugs, Patty, Coolit, and John Elliot's Nina- all thoroughbreds.




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