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2014 Fall Show and Evening Social
The Barracks, Charlottesville, VA
Oct 25th, pictured here Stephanie Guerlain

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It was a packed day at The Barracks, with riders competing in hunters, equitation and pleasure classes from 8-6 followed by the ever popular evening jumper classes and ringside party.   Results below. Event report from Show manager Mary Harp:

2014 Farmington Fall Horse Show

I would like to thank Tom and Claiborne Bishop for their generous donation of the Barracks facility. Without their support this show would not be possible.
Barracks 2014 139
L-R Tom Bishop, Pat Butterfield, Stephanie Guerlain, Rolf Hueppi

Preparations for the Farmington Fall Horse show begins in June. The prize list is a major part of the production including the advertisements that accompany it. I want to thank Beth Sutton, Elizabeth Brann and Mark Thompson for taking on the responsibility of the ads for the prize list. Without their expertise on this task I would be lost.

Part of my job for the prize list includes putting the classes and sponsors together. A couple of people were left off the sponsors page this year by accident. I would like to thank and recognize Stephen Bickers and Drew Perkins as they were the sponsors that were left off.

The week or two before the horse show: Painters, Robin Lundgren, Kim Morton, Sally Powers, Stephen Bickers and Drew Perkins.

Setting up the course: Claiborne Bishop and her crew, Robin Lundgren and Richard Lesko.

Brush: Matthew Cook

Horse Show Day: Co-manager Robin Lundgren!   I couldn’t manage this show without her! Secretary, Drew Perkins all day and announcer, Stephen Bickers. Trophies were done by Anne Grachus and the ribbon girl was none other than Sandy Kendall herself. Working the In-gate was Kim Middleton and boy was she great! Jump Crew, Joy Crompton and Kip Holloway.   In the afternoon we had Bok Summers and Kim Morton for jump crew also.

The horse show party put on by Liz King and Cathy Robb was fantastic and I heard a lot of great comments about the party!

I want to thank everyone for their participation, dedication and volunteering their time in helping make this horse show a success each and every year. There are a lot of small and large parts to all of it from sponsoring classes to sponsoring the party and all the work that goes into it. With Thanks, Mary Harp

Results: Farmington Fall Horse Show
October 25, 2014 The Barracks

Judges: Krista Hodgkin and Robin Mellen                               



Schooling Hunter Ch: Mimi, Katie Hart (Rachel McMahon)

                  Res: Cerrano, Melissa Hart (Baily Hale Dent)

Green Hunter Ch: Just North, The Barracks (Maria Shannon)

                  Res: Brooklyn, Stephanie Guerlain

Working Hunter Ch: Zambo, Sally Simons (Maria Shannon)

                  Res: Cerrano, Melissa Hart

Adult Hunter Ch: Wizard, The Barracks (Kate Elliot)                             

                  Res: Fortunate Rooster, Dale Dealtrey (Elizabeth Uffelman)

Children's Hunter Ch: Zambo, Sally Simons (Grace Ayildiz)

                  Res: Grand Cru, The Barracks (Grace Ayildiz)

Hunter Pleasure Horse Ch: Walk The Line, Glenmore Equestrian Center (Kaitlin Mallia)

                  Res: Slew of Lucky Stars, Spring Breeze Farm (Daniela Lee)

Hunter Pleasure Pony Ch: Blue Clear Sky, Wakefield Farm (Alyssa Connor)

                  Res: Stuart Little, Paula McConnell, (Isabella Karr)

Pre Short Stirrup Ch: Natalie Nucci

                  Res: Watson Cofield

Short Stirrup Hunter Ch: Twinkle Toes, Mountain View Stables (Wyatt Morris)

                  Res: Heza Nimble, Spring Breeze Farm (Lainey Butler)

Pony Hunter Ch: Master Spy, The Barracks (Hannah Trebour)

                  Res: Dun Paintin', Brianne Lefanowicz

Grand Hunter Champion: Zambo, Sally Simons

Leading Junior Rider: Grace Ayildiz




                  Schooling Hunter: 1. Mimi; 2. Cerrano; 3. Hula, Frankie Brittain (Kiki Osbourne); 4. Skip to My Lou, Ellie Whitenack (Grace McMahon-Gioeli); 5. I Gotcha, Saddle Up Farm (Elizabeth Larney); 6. Sharkaun, Saddle Up Farm (Elizabeth Larney).


                  Schooling Hunter: 1. Cerrano; 2. Mimi; 3. Cricket, B J Korol (Maria Shannon); 4. Sharkaun; 5. Luke At Me, Ellie Whitenack (Heather Marden); 6. Hula.  


                  Schooling Hunter under saddle: 1. Mimi; 2. Cerrano; 3. Titan, McKenna Smith; 4. Cricket; 5. Sharkaun; 6. Hula.                


                  Green Hunter: 1. Brooklyn; 2. Just North; 3. Fortunate Rooster; 4. Cash N Carry, Equinox


Farm, LLC (Becky Reid); 5. Rabbit, Martha Tubman; 6. Rufus, Julia Moy.


                  Green Hunter: 1. Just North; 2. Rufus; 3. Brooklyn; 4. Rabbit; 5. Cash N Carry; 6. Quasar, Equinox Farm LLC (Becky Reid).


                  Green Hunter under saddle: 1. Fortunate Rooster; 2. Brooklyn; 3. Just North; 4. Cash N Carry; 5. Rufus; 6. Quasar.


                  Working Hunter: 1. Zambo; 2. Cerrano; 3. Jazzman Blues, Saddle Up Farm (Becky Reid); 4. Sircusa, The Barracks (Maria Shannon); 5. Bokus, Michael Bordwell (Baily Hale Dent).


                  Working Hunter: 1. Zambo; 2. Bokus; 3. Cerrano; 4. Sircusa; 5. Jazzman Blues.


                  Working Hunter under saddle: 1. Cerrano; 2. Zambo; 3. Sircusa.


                  Rudeen Adult Equitation: 1. Allie Anderson; 2. Stephanie Guerlain; 3. Kate Elliott; 4. Baily Hale Dent; 5. Leah Gunn; 6. Mohammad Attar.


                  VHSA Associate Adult Equitation: 1. Mohammad Attar; 2. Abby MacBride; 3. Rachel Dalkin.


                  Adult Hunter: 1. Wizard; 2. Picasso, Thomas M. Sharp and Equinox Farm, LLC (Becky Reid); 3. Scooby Doo, The Barracks (Leah Gunn); 4. Camden, Stephanie Guerlain; 5. Fortunate Rooster; 6. Sircusa (Allie Anderson).


                  Adult Hunter: 1. Picasso; 2. Wizard; 3. Fortunate Rooster; 4. Brooklyn; 5. Scooby Doo; 6. Rufus.


                  Adult Hunter under saddle: 1. Wizard; 2. Fortunate Rooster; 3. Brooklyn; 4. Scooby Doo; 5. Camden; 6. Rufus.


                  VHSA Associate Children's Equitation: 1. Katie Define; 2. Grace Ayildiz; 3. Ellen Jordan.


                  Children's Hunter: 1. Zambo; 2. Grand Cru; 3. Prize, Jennifer Daly (Katie Define); 4. Willing to Shine, Ellen Jordan; 5. Twist and Shout, Saddle Up Farm (Emily Keenan).


                  Children's Hunter: 1. Grand Cru; 2. Zambo; 3. Prize; 4. Willing to Shine; 5. Twist and Shout.


                  Children's Hunter under saddle: 1. Willing to Shine; 2. Zambo; 3. Twist and Shout; 4. Prize; 5. Grand Cru.


                  Leadline: 1. Clara McKnight; 2. Hannah Harp; 3. Lake Bassett.


                  Hunter Pleasure Horse Walk, Trot: 1. Walk The Line; 2. Heza Nimble; 3. Slew of Lucky Stars; 4. Belladonna Lily, Amy Lamb (Emily Sears).


                  Hunter Pleasure Horse, Go As You Please: 1. Walk The Line; 2. Belladonna Lily; 3. Heza Nimble; 4. Slew of Lucky Stars.


                  Hunter Pleasure Horse, Walk, Trot, Canter: 1. Walk The Line; 2. Slew of Lucky Stars; 3. Belladonna Lily; 4. Heza Nimble.


                  Hunter Pleasure Pony, Walk, Trot: 1. Blue Clear Sky; 2. First Glance Obsession, Charlotte Bassett; 3. Stuart Little; 4. Thumbellina, Natalie Nucci; 5. John Boy, Watson Cofield; 6. Pumpkin, The Barracks (Pippa Cook).


                  Hunter Pleasure Pony, Go As You Please: 1. Blue Clear Sky; 2. John Boy; 3. Thumbellina; 4. First Glance Obsession; 5. Stuart Little.


                  Hunter Pleasure Pony, Walk, Trot, Canter: 1. Stuart Little; 3. Blue Clear Sky.     


                  Pre Short Stirrup Walk: 1. Natalie Nucci; 2. Watson Cofield; 3. Charlotte Bassett; 4. Pippa Cook; 5. Chloe Keplinger; 6. Madeline Harp.


                  Pre Short Stirrup Walk, Trot: 1. Watson Cofield; 2. Charlotte Bassett; 3. Natalie Nucci; 4. Pippa Cook.


                  Pre Short Stirrup Walk, Obstacles: 1. Natalie Nucci; 2. Charlotte Bassett; 3. Watson Cofield; 4. Chloe Keplinger; 5. Pippa Cook; 6. Madeline Harp.


                  Short Stirrup Hunter under saddle: 1. Twinkle Toes; 2. Heza Nimble; 3. Belladonna Lily.


                  Short Stirrup Hunter: 1. Twinkle Toes; 2. Heza Nimble; 3. Surprise Edition, Stephanie Armstrong (Wyatt Morris); 4. Belladonna Lily.


                  Short Stirrup Hunter: 1. Twinkle Toes; 2. Belladonna Lily; 3. Heza Nimble; 4. Surprise Edition.


                  VHSA Associate Pony Equitation: 1. Brianne Lefanowicz; 2. Hannah Trebour; 3. Caleigh Smith; 4. Isabella Karr.


                  Pony Hunter: 1. Master Spy; 2. Dun Paintin'; 3. Stuart Little; 4. Lickety Split, Caleigh Smith.


                  Pony Hunter: 1. Dun Paintin'; 2. Master Spy; 3. Lickety Split; 4. Stuart Little; 5. Picturesque Playdate, Ellie Dupuis.


                  Pony Hunter under saddle: 1. Master Spy; 2. Dun Paintin'; 3. Lickety Split; 4. Picturesque Playdate; 5. Stuart Little.


                  Low Jumper: 1. Faline, Wakefield Farm (Bethany Wood); 2. Time Well Wasted, Abby MacBride; 3. Cricket, Jennifer Daly; 4. My Lealonnie Z, Emily Turner; 5. Only Option, Sarah Howard; 6. Boogaloo, Whitney Digney (Emily Digney).


                  Costume Class: 1. Cricket; 2. My Lealonnie Z; 3. Time Well Wasted; 4. Brooklyn; 5. Barco Van't Hoogeinde, The Barracks (Mohammad Attar); 6. Camden.


                  Schooling Jumper; 1. Camden; 2. Brooklyn; 3. My Lealonnie Z; 4. Barco Van't Hoogeinde; 5. Hans, Alexandra Indeglia; 6. Faline.


                  Modified Jumper: 1. Richebourg, Joe Melnick (Thomas Nielsen); 2. Walking Tall, Esters Sims (Madison McKinsey); 3. Second Romance, Esters Sims (Madison McKinsey); 4. Taquito, Kiki Osbourne (Molly Duncan); 5. Capote, Terry Rudd (Helen Ballew); 6. Hans.


                  Open Jumper: 1. Second Romance; 2. Walking Tall; 3. Richebourg; 4. Leave It To Me, Molly Duncan 

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