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Maury River Hunter Trials, April 4, 2015 Lexington, Virginia
Farmington Hunt members and friends compete at Maury River, Virginia Horse Center

from Stephanie Guerlain, via facebook 4/5/2015

Please click here to see photos from the Maury River Hunter Trials yesterday, we had fun!!
Congratulations to Kim Morton, First Flight Champion, riding Rosie, and Deborah Wray, who was 1st flight reserve champion riding Satchmo. Deborah was also 2nd flight champion riding her other horse, Field Bee. 
The Farmington whips, Kim Morton, Deborah Wray and Carolyn Champman won the hunt team class.
Joy Crompton won the Best Appointments class
I don't really know all the other results!!
It was a fun day as usual with lots of support from Farmington including Liz King, Charlotte Delany, Stephanie Guerlain, Linda Haschart, Put Spaulding, Kay Barquin, Mary Buford Hitz, Ken Chapman, and Muffin Barnes in attendance
With thanks as always to the organizers, Liz Hall, Penny and Brian Ross and Donald Clark

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