Matthew Cook

Leesburg, Virginia
May 24, 2015 Farmington represented at the Annual Hound Show
Report by Julie Cook, Photos by Chris Middleton, DVM

Today was a glorious day up at Morven Park, our Farmington hounds did us proud!

Diglet and Dipper- 2nd Unentered Couple of PMD's

OJ- 5th Unentered American bitch

Olive and Orphan- 2nd Unentered couple American

OJ and orchid- 3rd Unentered couple American

Briar- 2nd entered cross breed bitch

Swallow- reserve (6th) entered cross breed

Peckish- 5th American brood bitch.

Matthew was assisted by Carolyn, Bonnie and Julie in the rings, and help from Kenny, Charlie, BJ and Kim behind the scenes.
Our wonderful veterinarian Dr Middleton was also on hand casting his eye over OJ who had a scrape on her toe, but it didn't stop her showing well.

It was so lovely having support of our members and cannot wait to see photos that were being snapped away.

Jim Meads photographer, even took pictures of us with Dipper and Diglet, so you never know, we could be in horse country magazine too!


20150524 Middleton 5912
Matt with BJ Korol

20150524 Middleton 5934
Carolyn Chapman

20150524 Middleton 5993
Sherry Buttrick and Bonnie Hanks
20150524 Middleton 6023

Julie Cook

20150524 Middleton 6030
Julie and Briar
matthew cchapman
Matt and Carolyn
julie cook2015

Julie Cook and Briar

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