Farmington Spring Hunter Pace

Mint Meadows, Sunday, June 7, 2015
Report by Nancy Howell, photos by B.Sutton and Rick Stillings Photography

After a week of much needed rain and some nervous tension about the conditions, we pulled off a fantastic day.  The weather could not have been better with partly sunny weather, cool breezes and spring like temperatures for our 2015 Summer Hunter Pace at Mint Meadows.  We had 94 riders which I thrilled about since it was a Sunday and all that rain may have deterred some folks.

They say “it takes a village” but for this event it takes a metropolis of volunteers.  When the call is put out it is amazing the feedback that is received.

Thank you everyone who came out to participate and enjoy the day with us. I cannot go any further without thanking our hosts JB and Mary Scott Birdsall for the privilege of using their beautiful Mint Meadows fixture again this year.  I want to thank Anita Vere-Nicoll for allowing us to ride through her lovely farm and also Sally Garland who is always so supportive for our Hunter Paces.  She not only allowed us access to her property but also, with the help of Katie Sears, designed a lovely Country styled flower arrangement for the buffet table.  Thank you all for your continued support of FHC and our members.
elizlongwell150607 7898c
Delicious Buffet lunch was enjoyed by guests, spectators,and 94 riders under the FHC tent

I want to mention the daunting task of putting up that darn tent and then packing it back up by Matthew, Julie and Tommy. We could not have the Hunter Pace without that tent. I never take that for granted, so thank you again.

There would be no trail to follow without Liz King and her incredible sense of direction and valuable expertise in finding the good crossings and best footing for a safe and fun ride. I basically tag along with the markers, so don’t kid yourself into thinking I am much help at all! Thank you again Liz for another fun week of preparation and a great ride!
lizking150607 7884
MFH Liz King

 Jim Finn and Linda Haschart did a great job timing all the riders. Linda’s genuine and contagious excitement was felt by all who rode past her. Jim is getting to be quite a pro at this job and never seems to be overwhelmed. Thank you again Jim and Linda for keeping things going so smoothly.

My secretaries were Paula Falk, (who makes an appearance every year just for me!) , my backbone of support Bobbie Wells, (my HP guru) and I want to thank Beth Sutton for doing a multitude of errands for me that morning along with those secretarial duties. They were quite the team. We had riders going out nice and early in a steady stream until 12:00.

I want to thank the following for all the food and drinks that were made available for the riders this year.

Drinks: My drink gals Karen Bull, Mary Minor, who supplied the Gatorade and other libations, and my water stop girls Virginia Michel and Joan Justice (and Mica!). Karen has been my drink gal for 4 years now. Thank you Karen for always coming through and so glad you had extra support from Mary Minor, Joan and Virginia this year.

Food: Oh the food! There was lots of food this year! You never want to run out of food!  I want to thank Lynne Taylor, Carolyn Brandt, Jennifer Sulzberger, Dale Dealtrey, Martha Drum, Liz Wilson, Kelly Von Scot, Connie Laudenschlager, Bill Kittrell, Allyson Louthan, Karen Bull, Carol Ham, Stephanie Buss, BJ Korol, Jebb Cuthbert and I know there were others who placed food on the table who slipped by me and I apologize if your name is not on this list. Please come tell me!

In the end, a huge thanks to BJ Korol who came back after riding the Pace to help me clean up. I didn’t expect it, but she saw me start to clean up and just pitched right in. She saved me time and mileage by taking all the supplies and garbage to the clubhouse and graciously took the linens back to wash and return also. BJ you are a saint, and I thank you for your patronage to the FHC and to the members who try to follow in your footsteps.

Here are the results for the Summer Hunter Pace of 2015:

Hunter Division:
cowles thompson rs 2015w
FHC President R. Cowles, VP Mark Thompson and Shelley Thompson

1st Place: Mark Thompson, Shelley Thompson and Reynolds Cowles

2nd Place: BJ Korol, April Fletcher
korol fletcher150607 7863
BJ Korol and April Fletcher

3rd Place: Jenner Brunk, Mary Gray McKinsey

Pleasure Division:

1st Place: Cheryl and Budd Riddle

2nd Place:  Brook Wilson, Joan Poskaz

3rd Place: Jenny Mellott, Tori Mellott

Junior Division:
hawkins moris150607 7841c
Team Diane Hawkins with Lara Morris and Juniors from the Pony Academy

1st Place: Libby Terrell, Helen Snyder, and Diane Hawkins

2nd Place: Brynn Straley, Liz Wilson, and Kelly Von Scoter

3rd Place: Katie Sears, Emily Sears and Jenn Daly
daly150607 7837c
Team Daly with Katie and Emily Sears

Congratulations and the First place teams will receive a certificate for a free Walk and Talk or Hunt Cap for 2015-2016 season and their ribbons in the mail.

Thank you!

Nancy L. Howell

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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