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2015 Fall Show and Evening Social
The Barracks, Charlottesville, VA
Oct 24th, Grand Hunter and Adult Champion Caitlin Hewitt pictured here

Event report below, see photos!

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It was a packed day at The Barracks, with riders competing in hunters, equitation and pleasure classes from 8-6 followed by the ever popular evening jumper classes and ringside party.   Based on evaluations from exhibitors and officials,the show was selected by the VHSA as one of the top 10 for 2015. FHC will receive an award at the December 6th annual awards ceremony held at the Homestead. Congratulations!

See Photos and Results below. 2015 Event report from Show manager Mary Harp:

2015 Farmington Fall Horse Show October 24th

I would like to thank Tom and Claiborne Bishop for their generous donation of the Barracks facility. Without their support this show would not be possible.
lundgren bishop
Co-manager Robin Lundgren with Claiborne Bishop at the Barracks(Photo courtesy Liz King)

 Preparations for the Farmington Fall Horse show begins in June. The prize list is a major part of the production including the advertisements that accompany it. I want to thank Beth Sutton, Elizabeth Brann and Mark Thompson for taking on the responsibility of the ads for the prize list. Without their expertise on this task I would be lost.

The week or two before the horse show: Robin Lundgren asked for volunteers to help paint the many poles and standards for the horse show, Stephen Bickers, Muffin Barnes, Becky Barlow, Kim and Chris Middleton, Evie Cowles, Ann Horner, Elizabeth Brann and family and several youngsters accompanied her, Robin Lundgren and myself.
Horse Show Day: Co-manager Robin Lundgren! I couldn’t manage this show without her! Secretary, Drew Perkins all day and announcer, Stephen Bickers. Trophies were done by Anne Grachus and the ribbons were handled by Ann Horner and Karen Bull. Working the In-gate, Evie Cowles, Kay Barquin and Molly Duncan. Jump Crew, Kip Holloway, Kim Morton, Sally Powers, and Nancy Howell.
The horse show party put on by Liz King and Cathy Robb was fantastic and I could NEVER could put that all together, they do such a wonderful job, every year!!!!
Bob Haschart, Karen Bull and Robin Lundgren for all the wonderful photos.
I want to thank everyone for their participation; dedication and volunteering their time in helping make this horse show a success each and every year. There are a lot of small and large parts to all of it from sponsoring classes to sponsoring the party and all the work that goes into it. We had 94 entries this year and we ended at midnight! It was a long day and night but fun was had by all.

With Thanks, Mary Harp
harp perkins
Manager Mary Harp with Drew Perkins (R.Haschart photos)

grachus lundgren2015
Anne Grachus and Robin Lundgren

Stephanie Guerlain riding Brooklyn competed in the Costume Class, along with many enthusiastic riders

champ20151024 152943cropped
Caitlin Hewitt and her horse "Meant to Be": Adult and Grand Hunter Champions (photo by Karen Bull)

Results: Farmington Fall Horse Show
October 24, 2015 The Barracks

Judges: Amy Nunnally and Robin Mellen

Schooling Hunter Ch: Hula, Frankie Brittain (Kiki Osbourne); Res: Fernhill Westin, Haley Redifer
Green Hunter Ch: Denarius, The Barracks (Aly Howse); Res: Sinatra, Jackie Arends (Zach Parks)
Working Hunter Ch: Fernhill Westin, Haley Redifer; Res: Rio Bandit, Sue Tice-Grossman (Macey Kirschnick)
Adult Hunter Ch: Meant To Be, Caitlin Hewitt; Res: Braddock, The Barracks (Katie Lynch)
Children's Hunter Ch: Zambo, Sally Simons (Grace Ayyildiz); Res: Wizard, The Barracks (Katherine Harrison)
Hunter Pleasure Horse Ch: Tumble Dice, The Barracks (Hayden Malone); Res: Inception, Caroline Weschler
Hunter Pleasure Pony Ch: Leap of Faith, Elizabeth Weschler; Res: Foxmore's Fitzwilliam, The Barracks (Sophie Kelly)
Pre Short Stirrup Equitation Ch: Connor Masters; Res: Lake Bassett
Short Stirrup Hunter Ch: Priceless, Robbie Mascotte (Samantha Jurick); Res: Ever So Clever, Colleen Seeley (Tillie Hall)
Young Entry Hunter Ch: Leap of Faith, Elizabeth Weschler; Res: Brookside Rendezvous, Percy Mascotte
Pony Hunter Ch: Dun Paintin', Brianne Lefanowicz; Res: Point 'N Shoot, Lily Lynch
Grand Hunter Champion: Meant To Be, Caitlin Hewitt: Grace Ayyildiz

Schooling Hunters: 1. Kizzie, Kate Goodrich (Jackson Schurtz) 2. Corrado, Esters Sims (Jackson Schurtz); 3. Sinatra; 4. Fernhill Westin; 5. Hula; 6. RUNAWAYDAME, Joy Crompton.
Schooling Hunters: 1. Fernhill Westin; 2. Hula; 3. Corrado; 4. Jupiter Moon, Marie Le Menestrel (Jackson Schurtz); 5. RUNAWAYDAME; 6. Nostalgia, Ursulla Curtis (Ragan Roberts).
Schooling Hunters under saddle: Jupiter Moon; 2. Hula; 3. Rio Bandit; 4. Sinatra; 5. RUNAWAYDAME; 6. Cobham Park, Krysia Nelson.

Green Hunters: 1. Ten Carats, Polly Cooley (Jackson Schurtz); 2. Denarius; 3. Lumineer, Grace Blum (Zach Parks); 4. Cobham Park; 5. Southern Style, Rachel McMahon; 6. Sinatra.
Green Hunters: 1. Sinatra; 2. Cobham Park; 3. Denarius; 4. Buble', Mohammad Attar; 5. Lumineer; 6. Summer's Lilac, Paula McConnell (Stephanie Guerlain).
Green Hunters under saddle: 1. Buble'; 2. Denarius; 3. Ten Carats; 4. Sinatra; 5. Lumineer; 6. Tonic, Alicia Salo (Jackson Schurtz).

Working Hunters: 1. Falcon, The Barracks (Beth Butler); 2. Rio Bandit; 3. Buble'; 4. Orion, Kate Elliott; 5. Fernhill Westin; 6. King Darius, Brenda Awad.
Working Hunters: 1. Jupiter Moon; 2. Cobham Park; 3. Rio Bandit; 4. Fernhill Westin; 5. Southern Style; 6. Buble'.
Working Hunters under saddle: 1. Fernhill Westin; 2. Orion; 3. Buble'; 4. Rio Bandit; 5. Falcon; 6. King Darius.

Rudeen Adult Equitation: 1. Kate Elliott; 2. Brenda Awad; 3. Mohammad Attar; 4. Katie Gardner; 5. Elysse Stolpe; 6. Stephanie Guerlain.
VHSA Associate Adult Equitation: 1. Stephanie Guerlain; 2. Leah Gunn; 3. Abby MacBride; 4. Mohammad Attar; 5. James McKinley; 6. Elizabeth Uffelman.
elliot20151024 132556 resized
Rudeen Adult Eq-Kate Elliott
guerlain20151024 140603 resized 1
VHSA Adult Eq- Stephanie Guerlain

Adult Hunter: 1. Braddock; 2. Time Well Wasted, Abby MacBride; 3. Meant To Be; 4. Gran Cru, The Barracks (Ashleigh Dove); 5. Fortunate Rooster, Dale Dealtrey (Elizabeth Uffelman); 6. Grand Cru, The Barracks (Leah Gunn).
Adult Hunter: 1. Meant To Be; 2. Denarius; 3. Fortunate Rooster; 4. Gran Cru; 5. Braddock; 6. Grand Cru.
Adult Hunter under saddle: 1. Denarius; 2. Meant To Be; 3. Braddock; 4. Gran Cru; 5. Fortunate Rooster; 6. Time Well Wasted.

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VHSA Associate, Katharine Harrison and Wizard

VHSA Associate Children's Equitation: 1. Katherine Harrison; 2. Grace Ayyildiz; 3. Eve Kendrick; 4. Katie Define; 5. Rachael Campbell.
Children's Hunter: 1. Wizard; 2. Zambo; 3. Prize, Jenn Daly (Katie Define); 4. Cash N Carry, Rachael Campbell; 5. Spotless, Spring Mountain Farm, (Eve Kendrick); 6. Made For Me, McKenna Smith.
Children's Hunter: 1. Zambo; 2. Spotless; 3. Prize; 4. Cash N Carry; 5. Wizard; 6. Made For Me.
Children's Hunter under saddle: 1. Lumineer; 2. Wizard; 3. Zambo; 4. Spotless; 5. Made For Me; 6. Cash N Carry.
malone20151024 170639 resized 1
Hunter Pleasure Horse Champion Tumble Dice, Hayden Malone

Hunter Pleasure Horse Walk/Trot: 1. Inception; 2. Tumble Dice; 3. Spotless; 4. Rose Weasley, The Barracks (Ellie Sheean); 5. Carrera, The Barracks (Kathryn Steinburgh); 6. Lucy McVeigh, James McKinly.
Hunter Pleasure Horse Go As You Please: 1. Rose Weasley; 2. Spotless; 3. Tumble Dice; 4. Inception; 5. Carrera; 6. Lucy McVeigh.
Hunter Pleasure Horse: 1. Tumble Dice; 2. Inception; 3. Rose Weasley; 4. Spotless; 5. Carrera; 6. Lucy McVeigh.

Hunter Pleasure Pony Walk/Trot: 1. Leap of Faith; 2. Foxmore's Fitzwilliam; 3. Blue Clear Sky, Wakefield Farm (Collin Sparks).
Hunter Pleasure Pony Go As You Please; 1. Leap of Faith; 2. Foxmore's Fitzwilliam; 3. Blue Clear Sky.
Hunter Pleasure Pony: 1. Foxmore's Fitzwilliam; 2. Leap of Faith; 3. Blue Clear Sky.

Pre Short Stirrup Walk: 1. Lake Bassett; 2. Connor Masters.
Pre Short Stirrup Walk/Trot: 1. Connor Masters; 2. Lake Bassett.
Pre Short Stirrup Obstacles: 1. Connor Masters: 2. Lake Bassett.

Short Stirrup Hunter under saddle: 1. Foxmore's Fitzwilliam; 2. Priceless; 3. Carrera; 4. Ever So Clever; 5. Tumble Dice.
Short Stirrup Hunter: 1. Ever So Clever; 2. Carrera; 3. Priceless; 4. Foxmore's Fitzwilliam; 5. Tumble Dice.
Short Stirrup Hunter: 1. Priceless; 2. Tumble Dice; 3. Ever So Clever; 4. Foxmore's Fitzwilliam; 5. Carrera.

Young Entry Hunter: 1. Leap Of Faith; 2. Brookside Rendezvous; 3. Point 'N Shoot; 4. First Glance Obsession, Charlotte Bassett.
Young Entry Hunter: 1. Leap Of Faith; 2. Point 'N Shoot; 3. First Glance Obsession; 4. Brookside Rendezvous.
Young Entry Hunter under saddle: 1. Leap Of Faith; 2. Brookside Rendezvous; 3. Priceless; 4. Point 'N Shoot.

VHSA Associate Pony Equitation: 1. Brianne Lefanowicz; 2. Percy Mascotte; 3. Charlotte Bassett.
Pony Hunter: 1. Dun Paintin'; 2. Point 'N Shoot; 3. Brookside Rendezvous; 4. First Glance Obsession.
Pony Hunter: 1. Dun Paintin'; 2. Point 'N Shoot; 3. First Glance Obsession; 4. Brookside Rendezvous.
Pony Hunter under saddle: 1. Point 'N Shoot; 2. Dun Paintin'; 3. First Glance Obsession; 4. Brookside Rendezvous.

Low Jumper: 1. Ratatouille, Rosemarie Merle-Smith (Nicolette Merle-Smith); 2. Capuccino Ice, Rosemarie Merle-Smith (Nicolette Merle-Smith); 3. Dudley, Esters Sims (Madison McKinsey); 4. Brooklyn, Stephanie Guerlain; 5. Camden, Stephanie Guerlain (Sophie Henelius); 6. Grace, Ragan Roberts.

Costume Class: 1. Chellapo Z, The Barracks, Maria Shannon; 2. Street Car, Keezle Nutten Farm (Hannah Wheeler); 3. Brooklyn; 4. Enderby, Elysse Stolpe; 5. Whistling Dixie, Whitney Digney; 6. Ferrari, Ursulla Curtis.
Happy rider in the costume class!

Schooling Jumper: 1. Capuccino Ice; 2. Street Car; 3. Gabriela d'Azur, Linda Bobrick (Sarah Warmack); 4. (tie) Ratatouille, Brooklyn; 6. Tarragon, Jebb Cuthbert (Kaitlyn Schmitt).

Modified Jumper: 1. Walking Tall, Esters Sims (Madison McKinsey); 2. Piano Man, Christie Walden (Robyn Walden); 3. Fighting Gravity, Keezle Nutten Farm (Danielle Geisert).

Open Jumper: 1. Fighting Gravity; 2. Walking Tall; 3. Chellapo Z.
DSC 0587
Fighting Gravity in Open Jumpers
maria shannon12190904 10153759663202904 362308380781809872 n
Maria Bishop Shannon riding Chellapo Z, The Barracks





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