Farmington Hunt Club Fall Hunter Pace Results

From Hunter Pace manager Kip Holloway Nov 9, 2015

A huge thank you to the many riders and volunteers that came to the Farmington Hunter Pace on Sunday, November 8th, 2015. The weather gods were kind to us, with a lovely fall day. We had a total of 114 participants take a beautiful ride through Dr. Wellon’s, Travis Bailey’s, Dr. Barr’s, and Susan Rinehart’s spectacular properties. Without the generosity of these landowners, we could not have enjoyed such a great ride, and we thank them very much. Also, a big thank you to Matt Lamb for allowing passage through his cattle.

We truly appreciate all that came from near and far to participate, and the incredible group of volunteers that kept things running smoothly.  Kim Morton and Rachel Flor kept things rolling at the starting gate. Jim Finn and Thoma were spectacular in getting all the trailers lined up in an orderly fashion. Kenny and Linda had the unglamorous, but extremely important, job of sitting out by 2 tricky gates. BJ, once again, mastered the secretarial duties with her efficient helper, Kay Barquin. Nancy Howell pulled the strings to deliver on another Farmington Feast.

Sincerely, the greatest thanks goes to the Cook Family. Matthew, ably assisted by Julie and Charlie (and I’m sure Tommy), spent countless hours making sure the course was perfect, with several beautiful new jumps, which were enjoyed by many. Not to mention all the jobs of bringing down tables, chairs and setting up the tent. You are truly appreciated by all!

Photos by Grenelle Delany and Helen Flor, Nancy Howell

Hunter Division:
1st (TIE) - Matilda Matheson, Lindsey Williamson, Robbie Mascotte
1st (TIE) - Helen Hilliard & David Hilliard and Susie & Murdoch Matheson
2nd - Shawnee Baker, Kaitlyn Schmitt, Mathew Marshall
3rd - Stephanie Guerlain & Cheryl Microutsicos

Pleasure Division:
1st - Kate Johnson & Kay Butterfield
2nd - Susan Monticelli & Leah Chiaverini
3rd - Kendall Duffy & Kathleen Anderson

Junior Division:(pictured here are future foxhunters among the many junior exhibitors- a great team including Pippa Cook and members of the Sears Clan)
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1st - Emily Digney, Molly Duncan, Georgina Zajonc
2nd - Charlotte Delaney, Isabella Karr, Allyson Barkley, Sophie Henelius
3rd - Emma Bittle & Carter Mcneely

The Andrea Wittjen Memorial Award for closest to Optimum time goes to the Junior team of Emily Digney, Molly Duncan and Georgina Zajonc

Congrats everyone and thanks for coming!

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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