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2016 Hunter's Dinner Event report by Beth Sutton and Kay Barquin

We had a fine time on Saturday night, March 19th, the closing day of the 2016 hunting season. The club was full with about 100 people and a crew of 25 volunteers to pull it together. We even had non- member friends and neighbors helping, as well as a few key business website sponsors that made this possible. Kay Barquin and I would like to thank all who attended, and everyone who donated their time and talents to make this year’s event such a fun party and a good fundraiser. Thank you so much everyone who sent us contributions, your support made this a success. Get ready because we have many friends to thank:

Linda Uihlein greeted and helped direct parking for every car that drove up and stood in the rain doing it-Thank you Linda for keeping us safe! The pretty tent from Scott and Lee Nunnally’s Virginia Tent rental kept us dry out on the deck, and new propane heaters installed this year from Tiger Fuel kept the club house warm inside.

Robin Lundgren got there early bringing a personal favorite venison dip and went right to work to help us unload and prepare the platters of food as it arrived. Merilee Lindbeck helped setup on Thursday, she assisted Nan Young check in our guests at the welcome desk and filled in everywhere doing anything asked. Thanks Nan and Merilee! Carol Ham sent us some beautiful stone crab claws from Florida- we missed you Carol! Evie Cowles made all the little signs to tell us what we were eating, and brought a delicious vegan salad plus a rabbit pie that vanished in about two seconds, Tom Bishop cooked and contributed a delicious Venison Roast, Hal Young cleaned and cooked two big batches of fresh quail from their neck of the woods up near Barboursville, Gordon and David Sutton let us use some of the geese and duck from our freezer to make the ever popular “popper” appetizers. We went through about 250 of those this time, along with a few extra ducks prepared so well by outdoor grill masters Trip and Reynolds Cowles. David Sutton along with Dennis Winans and Reynolds shucked all 200 oysters and kept our server girls on the run bringing food in from the grill, out of the cold. Thank you UVA student and assistant whip Charlotte Delany for organizing and helping us, junior assistant whips Taryn Cowles and Emma Bittle for keeping it coming!  Suttons contributed Alaska smoked salmon, and Tiger Fuel’s Bellair Market provided an incredible whole poached salmon that looked like it swam to the table-complete with cucumber scales and delicious sauces. Lauren Jones fiancé Jason Fowler brought some amazing sliced Arkansas duck breast bruschetta, and to add to the meat selection, we had three kinds of lamb from Amy Hurt’s Scottsville Farm, plus a pork shoulder from Sara and Zach Miller and Timbercreek farm, expertly cooked by Moe’s Original BBQ on Ivy Road.Peter Delany was master carver with good help from Dennis Winans!

That’s not all- we had kale salad from Carol Robertson’s kitchen, Kay Butterfield’s wonderful vegetarian salad, and of course no party is complete without Sam Well’s fabulous Caesar salad with home made dressing and extra fresh romaine. Kay Barquin prepared a large beautiful selection of cheeses and fruits, and she made enough Polenta with Havarti to blow a breaker! April Fletcher made up the wonderful hash brown potato casseroles and the Minnesota wild rice medley. To finish, our own Debbie Wright worked her magic with a selection of cakes and pastries from her kitchen that were unforgettable.

Kelly Coffin let us borrow a few of her beautiful sporting art oil paintings to adorn the fireplace, and Grenelle Delany decked the whole place with decorations that created such a magical atmosphere. Behind the scenes we thank BJ Korol who never fails to have the club in tiptop shape gave us many hours in setting up and putting everything in order when it was done. And finally Mark Thompson made sure we had a full top brand bar, and picked out some special beers and wine to accompany this gourmet feast. Thanks Mark, and Reynolds for your back up, leadership and support.

Here are a few photos from the event, to see complete album "2016 Hunters Dinner and Closing Meet"- Thanks Grenelle for sharing these great photos:
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