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"Going out of Hunting" Sale

"Going out of Hunting" Sale"Going out of Hunting" Sale"Going out of Hunting" Sale


LADIES HUNTING JACKETS -- all bought new from Horse Country in Warrenton, VA.  All absolutely like new: no rips, stains, or repairs.  See the online catalog for design styles and colors.  Each jacket comes with a Horse Country garment bag.
1.  "Woodbine" Formal Hunt Jacket.  Navy medium-weight twill wool.  Satin lining.  
     3-button, deep center vent.  One exterior pocket.  Currently has Farmington Hunt
     Belgian blue collar and FHC buttons.  Can furnish plain buttons.  Size 36 Long.  
     Made in England.  Sells new $665.00.  SALE $450.00.
2.  "Southdown" Cubbing/Hacking Jacket.  Light brown with gold and rust windowpane.
     Lightweight, suitable for warm-weather cubbing.  3-button, deep center vent, 3 exterior 
     pockets.  Made in England.  38 Long.  Sells new $695.00.  SALE $325.00.
3.  "Larrabee LL9"  Cubbing/Hacking Jacket.  Olive green with black and red windowpane.
     Lightweight wool, suitable for warm-weather cubbing.  3-button; single center vent;
     exterior breast, hip, and tickets pockets; suede storm tab.  Made in Italy.  Size 38 R.              
     Sells new $575.00.  SALE  $250.00.
CHARLES OWENS "Show Jumper XP" Brown Velvet Hunt Hat.  Size 7-3/8"  Velvet is like new.  No rain/no falls.  Sells new $218.00.  SALE  $100.00.
HUNT BRIDLES, BREASTPLATES, REINS, RUNNING MARTINGALES.  unless otherwise noted, all are Horse Country's "First Flight" quality.
1.  Full-size horse bridle. Havana.  Sells new $279.00  SALE 175.00.
2.  Full-size horse bridle.  Havana.  Small stain on crown.  Sells new.  $279.00.  SALE
3.  1 set of laced reins, like new, used once.  60" L, 3/4" wide.  Sells new $165.00
     SALE $90.00.
4.  1 set of leather/rubber reins, very lightly used.  54" L, 5/8" wide.  Sells new $189.00.
     SALE $110.00.
5.  1 breastplate almost like new.  Fits large horse/warmblood.  Havana.  Sells new
      $279.00.  SALE  $175.00.
6.  1 breastplate.  Well cared-for but has some stains.  Fits large horse/warmblood.  Sells
     new $279.00.  SALE  $110.00
7.  Not from Horse Country: 2 very good quality NEW running martingale attachments, 
     1 horse-size, 1 over-size.   SALE   $25.00/each.
8.  Not from Horse Country: 1 set excellent quality rubber reins with nickel buckles w/
     rollers.  Lightly used.  56" L, 5/8" wide.  SALE $50.00.
CHARLES OWENS "Show Jumper XP" Brown Velvet Hunt Hat.  Size 7-3/8"  Velvet is like new.  No rain/no falls.  Sells new $218.00.  SALE  $100.00.

5 each 4-fold ratcatcher stock ties. $40/for all

3 each beautiful men’s stock ties (I preferred them to women’s for fullness and coverage). 2 silk, 1 ivory wool. $60/for all

That’s it. Not that I don’t have blankets and other accessories that having just one horse will ever require.

many photos available on request


Lexington KY


Stacy Stinchfield

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