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Up until the 1980's Farmington's pack was composed primarily of tri-color American Foxhounds, most of which traced their pedigree back to the sought after Bywaters line. Because of the increase in population, a more wooded hunting country, heavy road traffic, and the preference of new huntsmen, there has been a gradual changeover to a predominantly Crossbred pack.  Although Crossbreds don't have the resonant cry of the American Hound, they seem to be better suited to our hunt country. We have continued the old Farmington bloodlines in our breeding program, but instead of being uniformly tri-color, the color of the pack now varies tremendously. At present we hunt about 36 couple, mostly Crossbred. Pictured here: Matthew Cook walking hounds at the Farmington Hunt kennels, January 2014 , photo courtesy of Julie Cook




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