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Farmington Hunt Club near Charlottesville, Virginia

The Farmington Hunt Club kennels and clubhouse are located in northwestern Albemarle County near Free Union.

Our territory encompasses not only the rolling hills and fields at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we have followed hounds since 1929 but also reaches into historic southern Albemarle along the Hardware and James rivers.

Our country’s diverse terrain presents constant opportunities for great sport with a wide variety of riding experiences.

group of riders from behind, going toward mountain vistas
FHC Huntsman on Chestnut horse in red coat

Brief History of the FHC

From historical beginnings to a successful future.

The history of the Farmington Hunt Club originally began with the old Albemarle Hunt Club. When the Albemarle Hunt disbanded due to the trying times of World War I, several private packs continued hunting the same territory.

In 1929, a group of area landowners and horsemen decided to revive and reorganize the old Albemarle Hunt with its Belgian Blue colors under a new name, Farmington Hunt Club, which would be governed by more formal conditions set by the National Foxhound Club of America.

The Farmington Hunt acquired permission to hunt over farms in western Albemarle County. Hounds were purchased or gifted from the private packs and local farmers. Grover Vandevender was elected huntsman, a position he held for thirty-two years, and agreed to kennel the hounds at his place near Ivy.

At first, Hunt members gathered in private homes for social events or at the Farmington Country Club, where a large show ring was built in 1934 for hosting horse shows. In 1939, the Hunt bought the old school house on Garth Road and converted it to a clubhouse. This building was outgrown by 1951, so the hunt purchased land next to Grover Vandevender’s property at the intersection of Garth and Free Union Roads (now referred to as Hunt Country Corner). There, they built a clubhouse, stables, kennels, a new horse show ring, a swimming pool, and a paddle tennis court.

By 1984, the pressures of growth and the closing of land along the Garth Road corridor triggered a move to the current location north of Free Union. A clubhouse was built, as well as homes for the hunt staff, hunt stables. Kennels were also constructed, which house Farmington Hunt’s now predominantly Crossbred pack. The hounds are a product of decades of careful breeding by Jill Summers (M.F.H. 1968-2008), and continued to this day by our current Huntsman.

horizontal image pack of foxhounds crossing creek



Jebb Cuthbert


Nancy L. Howell

Honorary Secretary

Betsy Dove


Chris Cuthbert


Mr. W. Patrick Butterfield, MFH

Ms. Joy Crompton, MFH

Mrs. Kip Holloway, MFH

Mrs. Paul (Liz) King, MFH


  • Susan Boone – 2025
  • Julia Iezzoni-2027
  • Adriana Nannini-2027
  • Chanda Boylen – 2027
  • Susan Johnson – 2026
  • Kimberly Skelly – 2026
  • Tiffany McCord – 2026
  • Octavia Winfield – 2025
  • Bethany Wood – 2025

Hunt Staff

  • Huntsman: Matthew Cook

  • Honorary Whippers-In: Carolyn Chapman, Tom Bishop, Deborah Wray, John Elliott, Tiffany Snell, Emily Digney, Chris Middleton

  • Road Whipper-In: Chris Cuthbert

  • Field Masters: Joy Crompton, Kip Holloway, Liz King

  • Field Secretary: Nancy Howell


Building & Grounds

Kip Holloway, Julia Iezzoni

Club Rental Manager

Octavia Winfield


Nancy Howell

Susan Johnson, Tiffany McCord

FHC History

Pat Butterfield, Octavia Winfield, Sally Powers, Chris Middleton


Chris Cuthbert, Mac Dent, Mark Thompson

Fox Tracks

Nancy Howell

Horse Activities

Stephen Bickers, Shawnee Baker, Joy Crompton, Jenn Daly, Chanda Boylen, Mary Harp, Kip Holloway, Nancy Howell, Liz King, Robin Lundgren, Bethany Woods


Octavia Winfield

Hunt Ball

Kimberly Skelly, Shawnee Baker


Tiffany McCord


 Susan Johnson


Adrianna Nannini

Special Events

Kimberly Skelly

Sponsors & Advertising

Nancy Howell


Cheryl Microutsicos

Volunteer Coordinator

Susan Boone

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