Farmington Hunt Club

Northwestern Albemarle County near Free Union

About Us

A brief history of Farmington Hunt Club

What we now know as the Farmington Hunt Club originally began with the old Albemarle Hunt Club, which disbanded due to the trying times of World War I.

The Farmington Hunt Club kennels and clubhouse, now located in northwestern Albemarle County near Free Union, encompass not only the rolling hills and fields at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we have followed hounds since 1929, but also reaches into historic southern Albemarle along the Hardware and James rivers. Our country’s diverse terrain presents endless opportunities for great sport with various riding experiences.

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two cute girls on ponies in gymkhana ribbon race
rider on a gray horse jumping a rolltop hunter trials

Equestrian Events

Compete & collaborate with us at our exciting equestrian events.

From our beloved “Walk & Talks” (summer trail rides) to horse shows to foxhunting events, Farmington Hunt Club offers a wide variety of events guaranteed to be fun for people from all walks of life.

We place just as much value on social events as we do our competitions, meaning you’ll be making friends with riders on and off your horse.

Follow our events calendar to keep up with all FHC events – you won’t want to miss a thing!

How to Hunt with Farmington

Riders of any skill level are welcomed with open arms.

Hunting is a thrilling sport that riders of any skill level can enjoy. Start your hunt with us as either a member or visitor; we always welcome new riders to participate in our historic sport.

Foxhunting works best when you and your horse are properly prepared and bonded. Become familiar with our Hunting Protocol and contact one of our masters to ask permission to join a hunt. First, try hunting on an experienced mount if you are new to the sport.

Benefits of Foxhunting:

Partake in a long-standing Virginia tradition.

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Enjoy the rolling green hills of the Piedmont, with Blue Ridge Mountain views.

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Support land conservation in your central Virginia community.


Become a Member

Join our historic community and keep Virginia hunting traditions alive.

We always welcome new members to the Farmington Hunt Club. Our country’s diverse terrain presents constant opportunities for great sport with various riding experiences. We offer social, hunting, student memberships, and non-resident and associate memberships for those who live outside the area.

Our Foxhunting Club has four Masters of Foxhunting, a Huntsman, a Kennelman and several volunteer Whippers-in.

We maintain three flights, Hilltoppers-who watch from a vantage point and see the hunt play out before them (you usually see the fox too!), a Second Flight – who follow the hunt at forward pace and have optional jumping of fences/coops or go through gates located at each jump, then there is First Flight for the jumper enthusiasts who closely follow the Huntsman and the Hounds at a very quick pace!

After each hunt, there is an impressive tailgate at the trailers for consumption and conversation about the hunt, the hounds and the foxes.

Please contact the membership chair for more information if you are interested in joining!

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Contact Us

Connect with us and experience the thrill of the chase!


PO Box 5562, Charlottesville, VA 22905




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