Fox Hunting


Submit all requirements to Field Secretary on the day of the meet.

Capping (Guest) Fees

  • Adults $100
  • Students $25
huntsman in red coat on chestnut horse with hounds navigating a gate

Protocol & Conduct

Your enjoyment & safety are our #1 priority.

Farmington Hunt Club places high value on maintaining the health and well-being of all our members and participants. The following guidelines have been designed to increase overall enjoyment of our sport, maintain good relations with our Central Virginia landowners and community, promote foxhunting traditions, and maximize the safety of all participants.


Neat attire required: Cubbing Season (prior to Oct. 1): After Oct. 1 until ...
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Foxhunting Staff

The Master/Joint Masters: The Masters of Foxhounds have final authority in all matters ...
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Foxhunting Terms

Babbler: A hound that gives tongue (speaks) simply from excitement, without regard for ...
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Members are encouraged to have guests in the Field; however, the member must ...
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Landowner Considerations

The sport of foxhunting requires suitable land in large quantities. Such land is ...
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Membership Fees & Dues

An overview of FHC's membership options and capping fees...
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Order of the Fields

A summary of the order of the fields (flights) when hunting with FHC...
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Recommended Reading

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Riding Rules

Punctuality: Arrive at the meet correctly attired, tacked, mounted, and ready to ride. ...
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Social Activities

The fellowship of foxhunting extends beyond the Hunt Field through various social and ...
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Tack & Horses

Tack: All tack must be plain, serviceable and clean. Use bitting suitable to ...
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The Fox & the Hounds

The fox is unquestionably a sportsman, and certainly a master of woodcraft. The fox seems to glory in the chase...
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Become a Member

Join our historic community & keep Virginia traditions alive.

We always welcome new members!

Each applicant must be sponsored by two FHC active regular hunting members who will write a letter of recommendation to the Membership Chair.

Sponsors are responsible for introducing and educating new members. They are encouraged to accompany prospective or new members in the field, invite them to FHC events, and introduce them to other club members.

Membership Inquiries

Membership Categories

Regular hunting

Full hunting and social privileges. Includes all the summer walk and talks.


Invitation to all social events. Includes all the summer walk and talks.


Must live outside Virginia.

Limited Associate

Hunting members in good standing with another club and live outside the Farmington area.

Married, with or without children, or single with children under 21


Unmarried, no children under 21.


Full time high school, college or grad school. Must be under 18.


We keep you and your horse safe, always.

Everyone who rides in an FHC-sponsored horse show, hunt, trail ride, hunter pace, etc. needs to sign both a Farmington Hunt Club waiver (digital) and a Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority waiver (digital), as they own quite a bit of the land that we ride across in the Free Union area. These need only be signed once, they do not need to be signed every year.

girl on a buckskin pony jumping a log jump hunter trials

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about the Farmington Hunt Club.

During cub hunting season meets are traditionally at 8 am with later times as the season progresses. All times are subject to change, pending scenting conditions and weather. Formal season meet times are usually 10 am, or later as the season and weather require. For details consult the Fixture card, the Hunt line, the website or contact us.

In early cubbing season dress is informal and/or ratcatcher (tweed coat). Collared shirts such as “polo” shirts or turtlenecks, tucked in, are acceptable. Solid muted colors (except red) are preferred. Earth tone breeches, boots are preferred, and protective headgear (black or brown velvet covered cap with chin harness) are required for all riders.

For Formal Hunting Season, Formal Attire is required Tuesdays and Saturdays, and Ratcatcher on Thursdays. After January 1st Ratcatcher is allowed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Visitors are welcome with permission from the Master (434) 293-4467. Capping fees apply, and a signed waiver form is required. All must carry a Virginia Hunting License. The Field Secretary accepts cap fees and waiver forms at the meet.

For members, log in to see the fixture card and maps. For Visitors, contact us or call the Master: 434-293-4467.

Hunting is a thrilling sport that is best enjoyed if both you and your horse are properly prepared. Become familiar with the Hunting Protocol, contact a Master to ask permission to join a hunt, and perhaps first try hunting on an experienced mount (several members offer experienced horses for a fee). Contact Master Elizabeth (Liz) King

Yes! Farmington offers a popular Walk and Talk trail ride series from mid May through August. Rides are Tuesdays and Sundays from area fixtures. For more information contact Master Kip Holloway

Capping Fees:
Adults, $100
Students, $25

We hunt on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Cub hunting season is early September, usually Labor Day weekend through October. Formal Hunting season opens in late October or early November. For locations, consult the Fixture Card (membership login required) or contact us for more information. Always consult the Hunt Monitor Line: 434-978-1107 for last-minute changes and updates.

Yes, everyone who hunts (even just once) who is 12 years of age or older needs to buy an annual (or lifetime) Virginia hunting license and bring it with them to the meets. Annual rate is $23 if aged 16-64. Buy your license online or at stores such as Kmart.

Everyone who rides in a Farmington-sponsored horse show, hunt, trail ride, hunter pace, etc. needs to sign both a Farmington Hunt Club waiver (digital) AND a Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority waiver (digital), as they own quite a bit of the land that we ride across in the Charlottesville area. These need only be signed once, they do not need to be signed every year.

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