Fox Hounds

The Pride of Farmington Hunt Club

We pride ourselves on providing only the best for our foxhounds. They are given the finest care and compassion, as well as access to top notch kennels. We continuously seek out only the best genetics of hound to better suit our hunt country and provide the best sport to our membership.

Hounds crossing water

Hound Roster Key

The Hound Roster will have these designations for each hound to help you identify them.

Hound Roster

Farmington BOSUN (A)

Farmington Bonus (A)

Farmington Poppy (A)

Farmington THERMAL (A)

Marlborough Welly (PM)

Farmington WOODY (PM)

Farmington Weaver (PM)

Farmington BREAD (A)

Farmington Bacon (A)

Farmington Bagel (A)

Farmington Biscuit (A)

Farmington CHAPMAN (A)

Farmington Crompton (A)

Farmington Crumble (A)

Farmington REMBRANDT (A)

Moore County ZOLOFT (PM)

Farmington Fancy (PM)

Farmington Fireball (PM)

Farmington Frozen (PM)

Farmington Tea Leaf (A)

Farmington Parsnip (A)

Farmington GNOME (A)

Farmington GOBLIN (A)

Farmington Ghost (A)

Farmington Golly Gosh (A)

Farmington Gremlin (A)

Farmington TEQUILA (A)

Farmington TODDY (A)

Farmington Tangueray (A)

Farmington Tonic (A)

Farmington BOMBER (A)

Farmington Bodice (A)

Farmington Apple (E)

Farmington PINKY (A)

Farmington Pancake (A)

Farmington FOOTMAN (PM)

Farmington Fiddle (PM)

Farmington Freckles (PM)

Farmington Freebee (PM)

Farmington Frostbite (PM)

Farmington WAITER (PM)

Farmington Waitress (PM)

Farmington SWIFT (A)

Farmington Sparrow (A)

Farmington Starling (A)

Farmington TOPPER (A)

Farmington BUZZER (PM)

Farmington MINOR (A)