2014 Farmington Fall Hunter Pace
Farmington Kennels, Free Union,VA
November 2, 2014

Results below, Photos here

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A huge thank you to the many riders and volunteers that came to the Farmington Hunter Pace on Sunday.  It was a gorgeous fall day, although quite brisk in the gusty winds.  We had a total of 115 participants take a beautiful ride through Dr. Wellon’s, Travis Bailey’s, Dr. Barr’s, and Susan Rinehart’s spectacular properties.  All seemed to finish with smiling faces and happy horses.  We truly appreciate all that came from near and far to participate, and the incredible group of volunteers that kept things running smoothly.  A special thank you goes to Matt Lamb for moving his cattle to make the course possible. 

 Results below, ribbons will be mailed. Thanks for a great day everyone!! 


2014 Fall Hunter Pace at The Kennels


The Andrea Wittjen Memorial Award for Overall Closest to the Optimum Time is awarded to Bertha Durbin and Jenn Daly



1st:  Emma Freeauf, Barbara Barrell and Mary Lofton

2nd:  Emma Bittle, Carter McNeely, and Evie Cowles

3rd:  Emily Sears and Katie Sears

4th:  Peyton Maddox and Miley Pace



1st:  Bertha Durbin and Jennifer Daly

2nd:  Courtney Hyer and Liza Davis

3rd:  Joanne Norman, Susan Monticelli and Leah Chiaverini

4th:  Diana Hicks and Rachael Thompson



1st:  Brooke Wilson and Sarah Poole 

2nd:  Tiffany Snell, Schuyler Hall and Eve Kendrick

3rd:  Jennifer Campbell, Lee Stinchfield and Stacy Stinchfield

4th:  Sue Migliore, Jamey Altman and Priscilla Friedberg


Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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