Protocol & Guidelines

Foxhunting Staff

The Master/Joint Masters:

The Masters of Foxhounds have final authority in all matters of hunting. The Masters are responsible for the kennels and keep in close touch with the Huntsman on all matters relating to the hounds. The traditional greeting for a Master is “Good morning,” whatever the time of day.

The Huntsman:

Hounds are walked, trained, and hunted by the Huntsman.


The Huntsman’s assistants on hunting and hound-walking days. They help control the hounds by moving hounds back to the Huntsman should the hounds stray and monitor game movement for the Huntsman. Whippers-in are known as honorary when they are volunteers.

The Field Master(s)

Appointed by the Master(s) to lead the Field. Each Field Master is responsible for showing sport to his/her Flight and is the liaison between the Huntsman and the Field. He/she also has to make sure that the Field does not interfere with the hounds. There are currently three Field Masters.

“Although hounds and staff provide the sport of Foxhunting, it is the Fieldmaster who enables those who follow to enjoy it.”

-Alexander Mackay-Smith

The First Flight

Moves directly behind the Huntsman at varying rates of speed, over and through all obstacles.

The Second Flight

Follows behind the First Flight but moves at a steadier pace, and jumping is not required.

The Third Flight (Hilltoppers)

Proceeds at a much more modest pace to “view” the activities of the hounds, Huntsman and First and Second Flights.